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My Jumping-Off Place for My Favorite On-Line Shopping

    • College Saving and Shopping: Start here for on-line shopping to get cash back for kids college savings.
    • Want a little color in your life? Be prepared to be dangerously inspired! Dharma's Trading company has EVERYTHING you need to color fabric... including all the fabric, ready-to-dye clothing (great kid stuff), dye, tools, know-how (books and great customer service), that you could ever dream of and then some. Yes, this is the company I am always raving about, so here you go, a chance to visit for yourself!
    • Party Supplies, School Supplies - great stuff for holidays and kid fun! OTC

  • Mandy's Moon Personalized Gifts Mandy's Moon
    This is the family-run website where I get our adorable address labels with the personalized cartoon dipictions of our family. This is also the company where I bought the wonderful "I'm the Big Brother" personalized T-shirt Brian is wearing in the 'Going to a Birthday Party' at the bottom of my July06 photo page. Honor has a matching one. It's a bit hard to see, but they also put personlized cartoons of our cats on the shirts too. This was not offered on-line, but I emailed the company and they were more than happy to add them instead of one of their usual graphics. (Same cat cartoons as they use on the labels). They were even able to adjust the size of the kids and cats cartoons to put them in proper perspective - Brian bigger than his little sister, and Misty, the big cat, shown larger than Ramses, the smaller Siamese.

    A great store for incense, oils, and other Pagan supplies - "Serving the pagan community since 1989, The Crystal Fox prides itself on their ability to get you those items that you just can't get anywhere else. If they don't have it in stock, chances are they know how to get or will put you in touch with someone who can". This is a great store run by great - real! - people who care about their customers.

  • – Books at Blowout Prices This on-line bookstore has a great selection of reading books for kids, activity books, etc. They really do have very, very, very low prices, as well as fast shipping, and they always get my orders right.
    • Flying Bean - The best coffee on the internet! They always get my order fast, the coffee arrives fast, and it is very, very tasty!

    Pagan and metaphysical books, supplies, gifts and more!

  • Cafe Press Unique Gifts, buy and sell your ideas.

  • Goddess Flight's Free Ecards