Gifts of Egypt

 A couple of late, Egyptian-style, birthday presents from a co-worker who missed the party.  Tambourines, Zaggats (castanets), embroidered purses, and pink and spangley dancing scarves. 

Tambourine Music

Another instrument for a one-girl band. For her birthday party, we picked out instrument party favors - maracas, recorders, etc. Now we have lovely tambourines to add to our music too.  

  More Girl Stuff   

 Honor was thrilled with another purse and change-purse, Brian immediately asked "How many does she need anyway?".  He'll learn...

These little bags are made by a local charity that helps support Bedouin women. The money from these purses helps them make a living, and ensures that the craft is passed on to the next generation. 

Dancing Scarves and Coloring Books   

This scarf is almost too heavy with bangles for her to play with! But it makes for a good decoration. She also got a heiroglyph coloring book.  Scarves, coloring, music, what more could a little girl want?


  How about a Tea Party?!

 Tambourines makes good 'cakes' too.

New Bench

Hey! This is big enough for Brian and all of this buddies.  

  Both kids like the new toy 

 I mean, the new bench. It also fits one little sister and a dragon, or a whole family of people and a cat or two. 

 The bench has a storage area under the seat. It is not quite big enough to hold a little sister, or the dragon, but I'm sure we will find out how much it holds soon enough.  

Two on the Bench   

This bench is definitely a favorite new hang out. The cats are witholding judgement until the smell of the finish disappates a bit more.

  Weekend Breakfast Cook   

 The project of the morning was to look through my cookbooks and find something yummy to bake. I tried to convince him to go for something with meat, eggs, and potatos - but he chose a muffin recipe made with sweet potatos and pumpkin pie type spices. 

Big Helper

Pretty cool having a little helper who is reading now, is learning fractions (so he can pick the correct measuring utensils), and has the physical coordination to be a real assistant in the kitchen - instead of just a 'little helper'!


  Proud Chef   

 The muffins turned our beautifully. The proud chef even helped set the table for breakfast.

The Reward   

The best reward for cooking good food, is getting to eat the good food.

 Dust Storm   

 Occassionally we get reminders that we actually do live in a desert.  This was a Saturday early evening, 5:30pm, Brad had just taken off for the store, and the kids were down for a nap. I noticed the light coming through the curtains looked strange - very yellow.  I peeked out and found the desert had come to town.

Forecast - Dust

... and Sand! 97 degrees, feels like 93 

These pictures were taken through the window, the wind was blowing directly towards our building and I really didn't want all the sand and dirt in the living room! 

 Hang on Birds!

 I couldn't catch them in the photos - my camera kept turning off from low charge - but there was a bunch of birds trying to fly tree to tree in the wind without much luck. Eventually they must have given up and found a place to sit still and hold on because after a bit I didn't see anymore trying to fly around. 

When Brad returned from the store, he said that there were places along the drive where he had zero visibility, the wind was blowing hard and the sand really kicking up.  When he left the commissary to return home, through an area that is only one step out of the Wadi as it is, the road was completely covered in sand. 

No Joke...

My friend sent me this photo labeled 'Real-Egyptian-Taxi', maybe so, for its regular job, but I think this should have been called 'Real Egyptian U-Haul'.  The funny thing is the timing. The day prior to getting this picture, we had seen a tiny pick-up packed liked this - packed two times plus its height in STUFF.  None of it was in boxes or even covered - chairs, sofas, mattresses, mirrors(!), etc.,  just tied on with rope, string, and lots of prayer!  We were on our way home from work though, and did not have a camera. My friend had his when he came upon this minibus though! Now, a real Egyptian 'taxi' would have either been a black&white fiat/peugeot/similar that had seen its best 30 years ago - and you see them packed like this sometimes - or, a pick-up full of more people than you thought possible. I know you can put alot of people in a minivan, but imagine a small pick-up with the bed carrying so many people that they all have to stand up, some on the edge - leaning over on the people, who are standing/sitting on the people in the middle of the truck bed...yikes! Fortunately, they don't get away with doing that too much, but we just saw it again the other day - no, I didn't have the camera then either.