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July was soooo boring, that we just slept through the whole thing....  Just kidding!

We had a great month (this just happened to a moment when everyone needed a little recharge!)

 Everyone was sleeping - except for the  olive thief...


 Learning to cook is fun... 


Another kitchen 'helper' 


  In the meantime, slumber continues...


 Not quite asleep, but only because there's no room left on the couch.. 


 Craft day - we had some fun with beads.. 


  Hello! What are you doing up there?


 Time for a visit before school. 


 Sweet smile.  


 Playing around 


 Drawing lessons 


 We take our art very seriously 


 I've lost my computer... 


 Can we read a book? How about eight books? 


 Another sweet smile 


 Life is good...  


 Take cover! It's a pipe cleaner! 




  and hugs...


 Going to a birthday party 


 Birthday cake and one of Brian's favorite friends. 


 Honor enjoys cake; and Miss Dee tries to keep Lexi distracted...