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 Happy Birthday!!

  A Metal Cake!

  Ok, not really metal - but we had fun mixing the colors for the frosting,and the blue-grey we created was absolutely 'stainless steel'!

This was our private party at home, just the family. 


 Hmmm? What did Grandpa and Grandma send in the mail?

 Thank you!





 Wow!! An Acrobat!

 And a family of turned-wood people too.


 Honor on the train

 Party at the club. Brian shared a BIG birthday bash at the club with the daughter of a friend, who shares his birthday.


 The Trains have Power!

 When we booked this train set for the party, we thought we were getting giant Legos with push-power trains. We were surprised, and the kids were thrilled, when we found out the trains actually had battery-powered motors in them.


 Bouncey Castle

 I think we need to get one of these things, take out all the furniture in one of the bedrooms, and inflate it inside - permanently! Then, when the kids need a little 'bouncing off the walls time', they can have it.  (we could just throw in a few blankets at night when they get worn out.)


 Time for Lunch and Cake!

 We had a beautiful, warm, January day for the party. Almost hot! It was definitely a great day for an outdoor party.



 Magic Show

After cake, it was time for the magic show. Brian and his best pals were right in the middle of things. 


  Time for Loot

  Both Birthday kids made out like bandits.  Superheros and Princesses galore. I absolutely loved the pictures I got of Brian and his friends opening the packages together.  The boys were inseparable the whole day. 



 One Happy Birthday boy!




 CATS and Miscellaneous Goofiness:

 Time for a new 'hairstyle'    

 Misty has been known to play along with many games - this is a new one though.




 Very Patient...

 Misty sat very still and patiently to get his 'hair' done. I guess he knew that Honor was not very good at clipping barettes - she did manage to get a couple to stay in his fur.




 Computer Lessons

 Who is teaching who?




 Look at this!

 Ramses has found something of particular interest.




 What's He Doing Now??




 Too Funny!