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The kids' school hosted an Egyptian Cultural Festival which was attended by many local craftsmen and artists. I wasn't sure what to expect, and when I showed up to go with Honor's pre-school class, I ended up escorting 2 other pre-schoolers through the fair too. The children enjoyed visiting all the booths and spending a few pounds here and there. Later, Honor and I gathered Brian from his class and we went through the fair again with him.

As the fair was part of a week's worth of culture study, the kids were also invited to wear the traditional galebeya. Honor wore hers, but Brian never managed to get changed into his. He has one, nice blue pinstripes with a Batman logo on the back(!), and he likes it, but his class never had a changing time and he never switched into his.

The fair was a collection of brightly colored booths. Many showcased not only examples of crafts, but the artists themselves were demonstrating their techniques. Other booths were selling new or used items for local charities. One of Honor's classmates immediately found a little game, 'just like in class!', to buy.

We saw handmade candles...

beautiful perfume bottles that you could have your name added in gold...

and a wood carver turning wood on a lathe. We looked at a few more booths, bought a couple of small items here and there, we (meaning I - these are preschoolers!) made beaded bookmarks/necklaces, then we gathered back at the classroom for a photo of all the kids in their lovely galebeyas.

Oddly enough, you can tell the kids in my shopping group... look for the drums!!

Then, we took a break.

Honor and her friend took turns pushing each other on the tire swing until it was time to go get Brian.

First though, we had to pause and pose by the posies.

Then we got Brian and headed back into the fair ... watch out for the tall guys!!

Brian found the books! I am happy to brag that both kids enjoy shopping for books as much as we do.

Click to see a video of this: CLICK!

We had a Pharoahonic photo moment.

We saw some nice weavings and a loom set up - although no one was weaving.

There were a couple of men making clay figurines, but the lines were long and Honor was getting very hot and tired.. yes, this is November in Cairo! She started wandering into the booths... into the merchants' areas, because it was shady. They loved her visiting, but I was afraid of her being in the way .. and when she starts getting tired, it's best to take a hint and start wrapping things up, before she devolves into cranky!

We came away with a bag load of little treasues, and had a very lovely afternoon.