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Want to see a camel? How about several hundred camels?? We did... so our office and families gathered together, loaded up 2 tour vans and a SUV, and headed out on an adventure... it was about an hour out of town, down little farms roads and lanes along irrigation canals... to the camel market! We got a bunch of photos at the market, and I was able to get a good selection of photos of sites along the way - we didn't stop anywhere enroute - but most  of the shots turned out amazingly well for being snapped through the dirty windows of a moving van! (btw...all pictures will zoom to full size - just click..)





After passing through a variety of very interesting little towns - Honor enjoyed the ride, but Brian was definitely in the 'are we there yet?' stage by the time we got to the gate - we finally arrived..




Entrance to the market - almost thought this would be all that we would see. The ticket sellers tried to rip us off on the entry fee, and we had to threaten to leave and go see camels at the Pyramids to get them down near to what the guidebook said it should be. Guess it makes sense that we start a visit to a market by haggling...


 View of the main street of the market. This was definitely a business market and not a tourist display. The only foreigners out here were our group - we had a bunch of new folks who wanted to see the camels, and out-going people who had never been to the market and just wanted to see what it was about, and there was also a group of photography students.

 Inside the market - this camel was not painted or marked, probably not for sale. Definitely a one of the pretty ones. Hey... is that a Coca Cola sign?

 As soon as we got in the gate we saw a baby camel - this was an important item on Brian's agenda for the day.


This camel looks content to be going out for a ride.


Market view.

 Camels in trucks - this green truck was pretty empty, but we saw some amazing examples of camel packing!  The camels were pretty docile and behaved well, although we saw a number making a run for it here and there. A kid with a stick was usually enough to bring it back. Some animals were tied with hobbles, it didn't stop then from moving around or getting up or down - but no running.





Random views in the market...





Brian was thrilled with the camels - he stayed close to us though. The size of these beasts was daunting, even for the adults.

 This photo shows several colors of camels. Very dark to very light - we saw white camels as well.






This first picture is another one showing several distinct colors of camels - I still prefer the traditional tan-color.

After we got inside the market, the people were really friendly. Our companion gets a high-five.

Views of the market - note the hay kept up on the roof, gotta stack it high when you have tall livestock. 




 This one (below, sitting down) was my favorite camel. I like the fur trim, and it had a sweet face and disposition.








Another view of my favorite camel. 





 These camels are a LOT bigger close up than Honor expected.



Daddy is not quite as big as a camel - but Honor knows she'll be safe.





This camel had a few comments for one of our friends (the owner was more friendly!); the kids and I find a comfortable rock. 




This pony was a size the kids were more comfortable with! The goats were a much friendlier size too.



 View into the market

Fellow adventurers 




Cute.... LITTLE .... animals, Yay! 





Camels in the alley.

 Honor is happy to be away from the camels - and closer to the cute goats.

 This rock was a favorite vantage point - good view slightly higher off the ground, not as high as a camel, but we didn't point that out to them...

These goats were absolutely adorable. 




 Spot the westerners... our group didn't exactly blend in.

More animals at the market. 







Camels on the move... these guys below are actually approaching at a good trot:

Notice the same camels making dust in the background - about 6-7 of them just galloped past the woman (below, left photo) with her hands on her heart and the 'I'm still alive!' look on her face. Yes, we continue to tease her about it 




 Ramdom scene at the market.

More white camels; some very skinny camels. 




 This big guy was being auctioned - the big ones, from what we could understand, were selling for about 50-54,000LE (about $8772.00 - $9474.00). It seems kind of expensive, but maybe we were seeing the prime animals - we didn't pay too much attention to the whole business end of things - and this is definitely what this was, all business. Not a zoo or tourist thing. We just thought it was interesting to see all the animals.

 Camels outside the walls of the market; a small herd of goats and or sheep.




 Camels in trucks... next time you see a little pick-up, think of this! We actually saw six camels packed in to the bed of a truck only slightly larger than the Daihatsu here - yes, there are 4 camels in the blue truck.

 Pretzel stand outside the camel market; a small farm near the market.





 Following a recent purchase down the road; a little hut, I didn't even see the all the people in the shadows when I snapped this photo as we drove by, but the camera caught them.





More scenery along the road. 




Housing along the road from the market, back to the Giza. 





 I love the muffler trees!

The local Home Depot; a typical pick-up truck, most have nice side and head boards - some are elaborately carved wooden headboards, most are painted. 




 Random street scene; construction - looks like rows of look-alike nice, big, modern homes.




Check out the woven reed hut - what is it for?? No idea, but I wish I had a yard to put one in! The lady at this market looks a bit grumpy - it was about 100 degrees Faranheit out - guess I'd be grumpy too...  




 A town we passed along the way.

 Snack cart - can I have a cold Bebsi please?

No idea what all the barrells are about, but I also saw a nice lumber yard. 




 I loved this old tractor and managed to snap a good 'drive-by' photo on both legs of the trip - I like this angle best as I got the goat in the photo too.

A couple of mosques we passed on the way.





Want a motorcycle? How about some nice cement statues. 





 Back in Giza

After the trip, we retreated to the boss' house for brunch.

Boats on the Nile, and a girl in the sun.

 A view of the Nile

 And the spread...

 Girls and sun and flowers - relaxing after a hard morning of camel shopping