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I painted this in 2003 on a long piece of old board. It was an interpretation of the Maid, Mother and Crone. This, the Mother, is my favorite. They all turned out a bit anime-like (cartoony) but I like them anyway. Brian called the painting "The Three Ladies". 

Below are two small applique tapestries (approx. 2'x1') that Brian picked out for himself and his sister when we visited the Khan.  They are nice pieces, but as they barely cost $5 for both, I didn't want to spend quadruple that amount on frames! I wasn't sure what to do with them.  I finally came up with a way to hang them up in the kids' rooms:


 Here is my latest 'Create'ion. I was thinking of what should I do for Mother's Day - yes, for myself! I love being a Mom! - and I came up with this collage of my two sweeties: 

   (May 2007)

 I commission the amulet above with a local jeweler, Gouzlan Jeweler. I have wanted a family tree necklace for a long time but never found one I liked. This is the Celtic Tree of life, which I love, and I placed the Druidic symbol of Awen (creativity) in the center with our stones. Gouzlan's did a wonderful job and I love my necklace. Would you believe it only cost the weight of the gold? I expected a fee for the work too, but there was none. I don't wear much jewelry, but may have to think hard about other pieces to have done while I am here, and have access to this wonderful store.

  The picture above is a Photoshop'ed picture of Honor. She had a hard day playing at the beach in Oregon; she got rolled by the first big ocean wave she ever met; she was overwhelmed by attention from relatives; and generally had a long, but exciting day. She was sleeping hard when I snapped this picture. The kaleidescope effect worked beautifully. I call this picture "Dream".

  The kids wanted me to make them cloth dolls. Specifically Superman and Supergirl. They are still in progress. The dolls are done and each has an 'everyday' outfit, but they still need their superhero costumes. 

 Our new bench. We bought it from a carpenter in Ma'adi. 







 This is my 2nd favorite of the 3 Ladies, even though she is the most cartoon-like of the lot. 

..and the Maiden, I like her too, but the others come first.