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Happy Birthday!!         

We've been waiting to sing this song for MONTHS!!

 - in English and Arabic... Happy Birthday to you, Sina Helwa Ya Jamil! 

This evening's party was our family celebration on her actual birthday.  We were very happy to sing her song several times during dinner and cake.



 Hey! New Clothes!!

 Good thing too, as all the winter gear is too small for this big girl.  

Big Brother helps with the wrapping paper.

Dora the Explorer is the theme for this Birthday celebration.

  Princess Dresses go over well too this year.

  This is an Egyptian, fancy-dress, galabeya. The galabeya is the tradional long tunic worn by men, women, and children. This one is made with patchwork of nice materials and lovely embroidery.  It was immediately dubbed "a Princess dress". 


 And then there was the main party with friends:

We invited all of our friends and their little ones.  I believe the eldest child present was 6 years old. It was fun to turn them loose in a controlled environment amongst known people. We didn't have to spend the day chasing our kids around - the adults could just stay in one place and deal with whatever kid was nearby!

Anyway, we played "Pin the tail on Tigger" and other games. We had little crafts to do and party bags with a bunch of little musical instruments for the children.  It got quite loud at times, and the musical tended to be more loud than in tune, but the kids had fun, and that's all that mattered.

No peeking! The Other way!

 It not that easy to get cake-filled, sugar-powered, nap-deprived, preschoolers aimed in the proper direction - but they did well, and had fun. 

We hired Thai cooks to cater the food. Kids will always eat spring rolls and rice - and the adults were thrilled to attend a kids' party without having eat typical "kids' food".  We liked having the yummy leftover for the next few days too. 

Amazingly enough, the cats were out in the thick of things for the duration of the party. We had about 9 kids and 10 adults in cramped quarters - I'd have thought they would have stayed safely under a bed somewhere. They wanted to be a part of things though, sought out laps and attention, and stayed only 1 or 2 steps ahead of the most determined of tail-tugging-toddlers (when they could have easily have left far behind!). Not sure who napped hardest afterwards - kids or cats.


 Everyone wanted to blow out the candles

Why not? At this age the kids are more than happy to share their wishes with friends. It took quite a lot of work to get those 3 candles out, even with all the extra assistance.


 New Outfit from Grandma and Grandpa 

 Someone obviously knows that this little girl loves her cats. The pretty jumper has a kitty, and she loves her purple kitty on a hook too.  Thank You!! 

 Goofing off before school

 Superboy and Giggley-girl




 Quite the artist. No more scribbles for this girl - now if we could just get her to draw right-side-up!





 Yea! Mommy and Daddy are home from work!

 It's always a race to see who gets to the door first, not Brian - he's napping in the evening - but between Honor or the cats! The cats lost this evening.


 Front View - Balcony

 This is a view from the front of our apartment building, from the balcony of our floor. It was a very hot and bright day, but in the distance, the lavender Jacaranda are shown in bloom. The bouganvilla are lovely now too.



Back View - Balcony  

 This is the view of the back garden from the balcony. This overlooks the children's playground - directly in front of the wall.