For your enjoyment, an assorted set of links to keep your brain saturated and your fanship on warp drive.

  • Official Website  
    The people behind QI are truly the nicest human beings you might hope to banter with. Check out the forum for an assortment of quite interesting conversations.
  • The QI blog
    "All the latest news and everything you would want to know about QI: Quite Interesting."
    Run by a veritable QI fanatic and regular on's "Talk" forum (look for "grizzly"), this blog endeavors to keep you up-to-date with all of the latest happenings surrounding the show, including news on its weekly column in the Daily Telegraph.
  • QI Fanclub on Facebook
    The fanclub I run on Facebook, offering a meeting ground for thousands of dedicated fans. 9,000+ members and counting.
  • qi_fans on LiveJournal
    LiveJournal comm for Quite Interesting Fans Addicts. News, icons, general unabashed hilarity.
Shameless Plugging
  • A Brief History of the Olympic Games, by Dr. David C. Young
    I was one day Googling the past accomplishments of my fantastic Ancient Greek teacher, Dr. David C. Young (here), and discovered his apparent interest in the Olympic games. Remembering the Olympic-heavy content of episode 2x09, I quickly burned him a copy, along with a letter describing my interest in his input on it. Lecture next day, fortuitiously, split off into a tangent on the Olympics and the origin of our modern games. I quickly piped up, "1850, right? In Much Wenlock." I was awarded with the most astonished stare I've ever been graced with in my life. "Yes . . ." he managed, slowly, "but how did you know?" I quickly pushed my burned CD in his direction, under the perplexed scrutiny of my classmates, and said, "Watch it later; it's quite interesting; you'll soon see."

    The next day, he walked in and immediately asked to see me afterwards; when I obliged, he informed me that not only was he familiar with the information, he'd discovered it in the 1980s. He's apparently a legend and honored guest in Much Wenlock. I only then realized why he had been so astonished when I casually mentioned it hitting the nail of his magnum opus (if I may use a sinly Latin term in such a context) right on the head. It's therefore my duty to tell you all that Dr. Young was the fellow who made episode 2x09 all the more interesting. He's also, I don't hesitate to add, one of the kindest people I've had the fortune to meet. (But that doesn't make it any easier when you're trying to understand his argument for the existence of the third aorist.)