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This website was created on 19 June 2006, in tribute to QI, the show with the wit and wisdom to satiate you even when . . . Well, that was going to say "when you've gotten your head caught in a mechanical rice . . . picker," but out of sensitivity to those who actually have had their heads caught in a mechanical rice . . . picker . . .

Since that time, it has received numerous accolades from the webmaster's immediate family and various other people on these interwebs. It is very pleased to be jogging along so swimmingly, and ever amused to be the recipient of all the anglicised phrases and spellings that the webmaster hesitates to speak aloud for fear of being looked at as though she'd gone off her rocker (although no one around her would actually phrase it quite like that).

Your webmaster is a second year medical student from Florida who enjoys dabbling in the obscure, dreaming about the as-yet unhappened, and dancing in the dark (provided that she's moved all the
furniture – and the dog beforehand). She frets over pathology lectures, drinks probably too much Lucozade, and sometimes cries about Burn Gorman's eyelashes.

She currently divides her time between watching Pacific Rim and sleeping.

Qualifications: Classics (B.A., University of Florida), Nutrition (M.S., Columbia University), Medical Sciences (DipHE, Northumbria University), and Star Trek (Ph.D., University of If There Was Any Justice In This World), M.D. in progress – she hopes the USMLE will have a lot of questions about obscure Harry Potter trivia, then it's in the bag.

Contact Information
Email: sarahnenafalkATgmail.com
Telephone: Don't you just wish.


Vanessa is a person of average height who is originally from London. She likes the half hour of Radio Four between the six o'clock news and The Archers, especially when Just A Minute or The News Quiz is on, because she generally agrees with everyone speaking.

She obsesses over correct punctuation, gets annoyed at food labels (try having a nut allergy and reading that chicken can't be guaranteed to be nut-free) and has wanted to be an actress for about four years. She is a member of the National Youth Theatre and, while on the two-week course in London, discovered simple joys like sitting under a piano while it's being played and spur-of-the-moment theatre trips.

She enjoys various television programmes (Top Gear, Doctor Who, and HIGNFY), films (particularly anything from Tim Burton and Studio Ghibli), and believes that nobody should ever be ashamed of their taste in music, which is why she will happily admit to liking Def Leppard, ABBA, Rammstein, Take That, T. Rex, and The Who. She spends her time being entertained by the aforementioned and attempting to write something good, although she failed NaNoWriMo by about 46,000 words.

She has so many books that her bookshelves are probably seriously thinking about rebelling and likes debating about the merits of cheese. Although she lives in Norfolk she has never attempted to disguise a sheep by putting a trilby hat on its head.

Glenn Campbell (M.A., B.A.F.A., N.H.Dip. P ) was born in Rhodesia and schooled in the small town of Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. He obtained his masters degree there in Psych/English and later, in Durban, a degree in Fine are and a diploma in Photography. To the casual observer he is a self-employed graphic artist (a career bereft of formal tuition) and resides in Cape Town with a permanently cheerful outlook made possible by a small-town upbringing and total denial.

For fun, he creates visuals for outdoor pystrance gatherings, appearing occasionally on the decks or else dnacing with fire poi and staff. On weekends you'll find him restoring old things, modifying everything else, or traipsing about the mountains with oversized bubble-making devices. Of all his numerous and diverse interests, the one most appreciated is language. "We all think in language. Therefore the quality of our language determines the quality of our thoughts."

Glenn's graphic portfolio is online at http://www.mediaalliance.co.za/idea

Guest Transcribers
The following people are also worthy of commendation for their hard work and dedication to the transcribing cause.
    Dorothy Atkins
Finlay Chalmers
    Aaron Chandra
    Tai Craven
    Josie Czechowicz
    Amanda Davey
    Nick Kocharhook
    Ian Lane
    Guillaume Portal
    Fraser Smith
    Petrina Walker
    Michael Warren

Special Acknowledgments
Vicky Chivers is this editor's editor, the woman whose brilliant ability to figure out the bits that I've been hopelessly stuck on has saved me from peril more times than you know. Transcripts often need her finishing touch before getting put online.