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      29 December 2017 Dear fact fans, as you might have surmised, this site will sparingly be updated in the future due to life events. But I've finally fixed the domain name problem after about two years, so that's something. Love to all. My inbox is open for you.
      25 June 2013 If anyone cares to see it: Matilda the Musical - Act 1 transcript.
Bonus: Matilda the Musical - Act 2 transcript.
      24 June 2013 New transcript: 7x13. With annotations.

      12 April 2013

New transcripts: 8x03, 8x04; 6x07.
      31 March 2013 New transcripts: 8x01, 8x02.
      16 August 2011 New viewscreen pictures: 6x08, 6x11.
      16 August 2011 New edits and annotations: 7x03.
      12 August 2011 An unedited array of transcripts: 7x03, 7x04, 7x05, 7x06, 7x07, 7x08, 7x09, 7x10, 7x11, 7x12
      12 August 2011 New edits, XL portions, and annotations: Series 6, Episode 10.

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