Yanyuan Qin

I am a Ph.D. candidate from Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Connecticut. My advisor is Prof. Bing Wang.

Contact Information:

E-mail: yanyuan.qin@uconn.edu

Research Interests:

Computer Networks, Video Streaming, SDN, 5G/LTE, Mobile Computing


Video streaming:

  • Quality-aware Strategies for Optimizing ABR Video Streaming QoE and Reducing Data Usage [pdf]

Y. Qin, Shuai Hao, Krishna Pattipati, Feng Qian, Subhabrata Sen, Bing Wang, Chaoqun Yue. ACM MMSys 2019.

  • ABR Streaming of VBR-encoded Videos: Characterization, Challenges, and Solutions [slides] [pdf]

Y. Qin, Shuai Hao, Krishna Pattipati, Feng Qian, Subhabrata Sen, Bing Wang, Chaoqun Yue. ACM CoNEXT 2018. Best Paper Award.

  • A Control Theoretic Approach to ABR Video Streaming: A Fresh Look at PID­based Rate Adaptation. [slides] [pdf][demo]

Y. Qin, R. Jin, Shuai Hao, Krishna R Pattipati, Feng Qian, Subhabrata Sen, Bing Wang and Chaoqun Yue. IEEE INFOCOM 2017.

  • Methods, systems, and devices for video streaming adaptation using control theoretic approach

S. Sen, Shuai Hao, Y. Qin, Ruofan Jin, K.R. Pattipati, B Wang, US Patent App. 15/496,233


  • SDN-enabled cyber-physical security in networked microgrids [pdf]

Y. Li, Y. Qin, P Zhang, A Herzberg. IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 2018.

  • Enabling resilient distributed power sharing in networked microgrids through software defined networking [pdf]

L. Ren, Y. Qin, Y. Li, P. Zhang, B. Wang, B. Luh Peter, S. Han, T. Orekan, and T. Gong. Applied Energy, 2018.

  • Enabling Resilient Microgrid through Programmable Network [pdf]

L. Ren, Y. Qin, Bing Wang, Peng Zhang, Peter B. Luh and Ruofan Jin. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2016.

  • Enabling Resilient Microgrid Through Ultra-Fast Programmable Network

P. Zhang, B. Wang, PB. Luh, L. Ren, Y. Qin, US Patent App. 15/581,601


  • LinkForecast: Cellular Link Bandwidth Prediction in LTE Networks [pdf]

C. Yue, R. Jin, K. Suh, Y. Qin, B. Wang, W. Wei. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2018.

Mobile Device Neighbor Discovery:

  • Asynchronous Neighbor Discovery on Duty-cycled Mobile Devices: Integer and Non-Integer Schedules [pdf]

S. Chen, A. Russell, Ruofan Jin, Y. Qin, B. Wang and S. Vasudevan, ACM MobiHoc 2015.

Optimal Estimation:

  • Joint Target Detection, Tracking and Classification with Forward-Backward PHD Smoothing

Y. Qin, arXiv:1812.02599, 2018.

  • Joint Detection, Tracking and Classification of Multiple Extended Targets Using PHD Filter

Z. Wang, Z. Jing, M. Lei, Y. Qin, P. Dong, Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2015.

  • Multi-sensor Joint Target Detection, Tracking and Classification with Iterated PHD Filter

Y. Qin, Z. Jing, M Lei, International Conference on Information Fusion, 2013.

  • Current progress of information fusion in China

Z. Jing, H. Pan, Y. Qin. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2015.