Rome Achievments

Your Task
For each category answer all the questions listed.  All of the answers can be found in the websites provided to you.  Write your answer on the handout or you can find it here.


  • Before you start, take this virtual tour of Rome and write down 10 of the sites that you see. 
  • Look up the two arches that are shown and explain why they were built.


  1. Why did Romans build aqueducts?  Why not just get water from their rivers?                                                                
  2.  Why were the aqueducts a challenge to build?
  3.  Go to page to two. Where did they build the aqueducts?
                                                                Pont du Gard Roman aqueduct

Roman Roads   
  1.  List two reasons WHY the Romans built roads. 
  2.  Who did the Romans get to build their roads?

More onRoman Roads

  1.  Why do they say “all roads lead to Rome?”
  2.  List THREE characteristics of Roman roads.
  3. Click on roads and places. Why did the roads slope from the middle on either side? 
  4. Click here. How many miles of road did the Romans build?
  5. Click here and watch this 3 minute clip. What does the narrator think is the most distinctive  feature of Roman roads?
    An ORBIS-generated map illustrates that the most cost-effective route for transporting grain from Rome to Virunum in February would cost 7.17 denarii per kilogram if using a donkey on the land portions of the journey. (Click image to enlarge)

TheRoman Coliseum

  1.  What emperor built the coliseum?
  2.  What was the ancient name of the coliseum?
  3. The coliseum was built for entertainment.  What kind of entertainment did the city show in the coliseum?
  4. Take a virtual tour of the coliseum here.
  5. The coliseum was built with cement.  Click on the word concrete or here. How is concrete made?
  6. Were the Romans the first to use concrete? Who used it before them? 
  7. Why are the Romans remembered for their concrete?  

Roman Godsand Goddesses
  1. Who was the most important god?
  2. Who was the wife of the most important god?
  3. Who was the god of wisdom?
  4. Who was the god of love?    

The Twelve Tables  (The basis for Roman law) 
  1. Why do historians call the laws the “Twelve Tables?”
  2.  List the six things the laws covered.


More on the Twelve Tables

  1. What is the significance of the Twelve Tables?
  2. What does arbitrary mean?
  3. Who were the laws originally supposed to protect?                   
  4. Read the laws.  Which two laws surprise you?  Why?

Pax Romana

  1. What is Pax Romana?
  2. Who was emperor during the Pax Romana?

  1. How long did the Pax Romana last?
  2. How big did the Roman Empire become during the Pax Romana?
  3. Read the section called “Civil War and More?”  In what battle did Octavian defeat Anthony?
  4. How did Octavian get the name “Augustus.”

 Invasions into the Roman Empire

  1. Look at the map and click on the invaders in the left hand box. Which groups invaded Gaul?
  2. Which major areas did the Visigoths invade?
  3. Where did the Angles and Saxons invade?