Qin/ Han Achievements

Your Task
For each category answer all the questions listed.  All of the answers can be found in the websites provided to you.  Write your answers on the handout provided or scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll a find copy to download. 


1.     The first Qin emperor only ruled 15 years. Why is he so great?

2.   Which philosophy did Qin use—Confucianism, Legalism, or Daosim

3.   List the FIVE things that made the Qin dynasty great.

4.   List FOUR changes that he made.



Watch the short video clip below and answer these questions about it.

1.     What was the purpose of the army?

2.      List two accomplishments of the Qin?

YouTube Video


1.      The author says that Han China had the most influence on Chinese culture. What are SEVEN reasons for Han success?

2.      Click on elaborate public works.  What public works projects did the Han work on?

3.      Click on "Centralized Leadership and Influential Leaders" to look at the Han government.  Look at the third paragraph.  What kind of government did the Han have?

4.      Also in the third paragraph, what was the result of this type of government?

5.      Look at the last two paragraphs. Who was the greatest Han emperor?  Why is he considered to be so great?

Han Horse   Coin ring      Great Wall 2


The Han Dynasty Civil Service

  1. What was the Civil Service?
  2. Students had to take a test. On what was the test based?
  3. When were the Civil Service Exams abolished (what year?)
  4. Watch this short clip on the current Chinese Civil Service. How many people will take the Civil service exam? How many people applied?



How is silk made?
  1. How many cocoons are needed to make one pound of silk?
  2. What do silk worms feed on and how big do they become?

    Smith students work on reconstructed reeler    

The Han Silk Roads

  1. The Silk Road ran from where to where?
  2. How long was the Silk Road
  3. List FOUR products that traveled along the Silk Road.
  4. What made the Silk Road dangerous? List four characteristics of that danger.
  5. Did traders make the whole journey from end to end?
  6. If not, how did they get their products across the route?
  7. Click this link, then click on "MAPS" at the top of the website. Click "routes" to display the Silk Road.  What two deserts did the Silk Roads cross?
  8. On the same map, what three seas did the Silk Route or other routes cross?
  9. Click on "Silk Road Timeline" at this website. Between which years did Chinese general Zang Qian go on a trade mission to central Asia and bring back trade reports that essentially started the Silk Roads?
  10. Using the same timeline, how many years between the general's  trade mission to central Asia and Marco Polo's travels to China?
Silk Road Map          

 Silk Road Video 

Watch the four minute clip and answer these questions.
1. Why did the Silk Roads begin? What other products were parts of the trade? List FOUR.
2. What else was traded along the Silk Road beside spices?


Paper-making began in China

  1. Before the invention paper, what surface did the Chinese use to write on?
  2. How did the knowledge of paper-making spread to the Arabs?
  3. Watch the video clip below. How was paper made (what did they use to make it?)
  4. Prior to the invention of printing, how were books made?

YouTube Video

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