About Me

"If all time is eternally present                
All time is unredeemable.                
What might have been is an abstraction                
Remaining a perpetual possibility                
Only in a world of speculation.                
What might have been and what has been                
Point to one end, which is always present."                 
                                  ---T.S. Eliot     
I am Qing Sun, you can call my English name Keen. I come from Mainland China. Now I am a second year graduate student in University of Pennsylvania. My major is Computer Graphics and Game Technology. Creating photo-realistic images, dealing with impressive visual effects, generating vivid animations...... All the stuffs in this field are so fascinating for me. I am still a beginner. Current works I did seem not that fancy. But I will never lose passion or motivation. I will endeavor to deliver best visual impression in movies or games.
Besides my major, I have many interests: comedy, pop music, photography. I also like badminton and swimming. I'm a big fan for both Real Madrid (soccer) and Ferrari (Formula One).
Most importantly, I love making friends! If you are the same, please contact me by sunqing@seas.upenn.edu