Qingmin Liu

Professor of Economics

Department of Economics
Columbia University
420 W. 118th St. 
New York, NY 10027

Office: 1207 IAB

Phone: 212-854-2512

E-mail: ql2177@columbia.edu

Publications  sort by topics 

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      Supplement: A simple extension with two-sided incomplete information

      with Konrad Mierendorff, Xianwen Shi, Weijie Zhong
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     Qingmin Liu
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     Qingmin Liu 
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     Qingmin Liu
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    (Lemma 2: a new extension theorem for semirings)
    (Proposition 3: a generalization of Fubini's theorem)
     Qingmin Liu  
     Journal of Economic Theory, 2009.

Working Papers

     with Yu Fu Wong 

 A Theory of Marriage with Incomplete Information, 2020
    with Xingye Wu (draft available upon request)

      Qingmin Liu, September 2015.


Ph.D. in Business Administration, Stanford GSB, 2007 
         (co-chairs: Yossi Feinberg and Robert Wilson)

B.A. in Risk Management and Insurance, Peking University, 2002