Constructed Languages by Jeffrey S. Jones

More Current Projects

Here's a link to one of my newer constructed languages. It's fairly complete, but could use some improvement. Updated 2008.Jul.28; I've added some new material and rewritten a lot of the old, but it still could use improvement.

I have an incomplete preliminary version of my latest language (which was just used in the LCC3 relay).


One of my many newer projects is


Less Current Projects

And another one -- it's still in the early stages. This is a "Romlang".

Lethino (project YARLO)

And yet another one, also in the early stages. It's supposed to be polysynthetic.

Project Poly8

The next one is similar to Poly8.

Project PolyD

This is also polypersonal with inversion limited to adjectival forms. It has its own script.

Project PolyE

The following is also polypersonal. It uses infixes for aspect.

Project PolyF

For the latest version of MNCL, I have twenty-plus pages of hand-written notes, but have only recently started on the HTML.

MNCL5 (incomplete)