Center for Statistical Sciences
Tsinghua University
Weiqing Building 114
Beijing China 100084

Email: qianlin "at" mail | tsinghua | edu | cn

Research Interests
  • Statistical Modeling, Dimension Reduction


  1. Qian Lin, "Sparse sliced average variance estimation"
  2. Qian Lin, "Sliced average variance estimation: a new approach"
  3. Qian LinZ. Zhao and J. S. Liu.     "Global testing under the sparse alternatives for single index models",  
  4. X. Li, P. Ding , Qian Lin, D. Yang and J. S. Liu.  Randomization-based inference for peer effects,   (submitted)
  5. Qian Lin, Z. Zhao and J. S. Liu.  "Sparse Sliced Inverse Regression via Lasso",  arxiv:1611.06655 (submitted) 
  6. Qian Lin, X. Li, D. Huang and J. S. Liu.   "On Optimality  of Sliced Inverse Regression in High Dimensions",   arxiv:1701.06009 (submitted)     
  7. M. Neykov, Qian Lin and J. S. Liu.    "Signed Support Recovery for Single Index Models  in High Dimensions",    Annals of Mathematical Sciences and Applications Vol. 1 No. 2 (2016) 379-426   arXiv:1511.02270
  8. Qian Lin,  Z. Zhao and J. S. Liu.     "On Consistency and Sparsity of Sliced Inverse Regression in High Dimensions,"    Annals of Statistics (accepted)   arXiv:1507.03895           
  9. Qian Lin, Y. Li and J. S. Liu.     "Inverse Modeling: A strategy to cope with nonlinearity,  Handbook of Big Data Analytics", Springer ; In Press, 2016.   (Book Chapter)                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  1. Qian Lin and M. Wang.     "Isogeny orbits in a family of abelian varieties",   Acta Arithmetica 170(2015), 161-173    arxiv:1403.3976 
  2. Roman Bezrukavnikov and Qian Lin.    "Highest weight modules at the critical level and noncommutative Springer resolution", Algebraic Groups and Quantum Groups, Contemp. Math 565 (2012): 15-27    arxiv:1108.1906   
  3. Qian Lin, Z. Liu and Y. Sheng.     "Quadratic Deformations of Lie-Poisson Structures", Letters in Mathematical Physics 83.3 (2008): 217-2    arxiv:0707.2867   
My Talk Slides:
  1. Semi-parametric regression for high dimensional data  SIR.pdf