The Labratory for Quantum Gravity and Strings, UCT

The primary research focus of the group is the gauge theory/gravity correspondence and its consequences and applications to various high-energy phenomena. In particular we are studying aspects of the AdS/CFT duality in order to understand the degrees of freedom in superstring and M-theory. Recently, we have also begun systematic investigations into the integrability structure of the theory.

We are in the Department of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics  and part of the Astrophysics, Cosmology & Gravity Centre (ACGC), and located on upper campus of the University of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Upcoming Events:
With luck you should see our google calendar with upcoming talks below (also announced via our email list). 
Some talks are in collaboration with the CTMP, whose calendar is shown in red above. (CTMP website and email list). 
See also ACGC calendar (astronomy & cosmology), Maths colloquia (email list "mam-l"),  Nithep calendarPhysics colloquia

Members (as of January 2017)
All in rooms 204x unless noted.
  • Jeff Murugan (papers)
  • Jonathan Shock (papers) room 324.2 (blog)
  • Nathan Moynihan (PhD student)
  • Daniel Burger (PhD student)
  • Thando Nkomozake (MSC Student)
  • Jean-Gabriel Hartmann (MSC Student)
  • Ru Slayen (MSC Student)

Recent Papers:
All of our papers are available on the arxiv and on Inspire, and the most recent 25 should be displayed automatically below:
(This list of course includes our papers published before arriving in Cape Town. And excludes some papers published by former members while they were here.)

Former Members:
  • S. Shajidul Haque (Postdoc until 2017) (papers)
  • Raúl Carballo (Postdoc until 2017) (papers)
  • Justine Tarrant (PhD student until 2017)
  • Michael Abbott (Postdoc, until 2016) moved to Krakow (papers
  • Alastair Grant-Stuart (MSc student)
  • Christhiam López-Arcos (papers)
  • Emanuel Malek (Postdoc, until 2015) moved to Munich (papers) (home page)
  • Alex Antrobus (MSc 2015) moved to UCL
  • Tslil Clingman (MSc 2015) moved to George Washington Univ. 
  • Sugumi Kanno (Postdoc, until 2014) moved to Bilbao (papers)
  • Nitin Rughoonauth (PhD 2014)
  • Per Sundin (Postdoc, until 2013) moved to Milan Bicocca (papers)
  • Asadig Mohammed (PhD)
  • Sultan Hassan (MSc)
  • Andrea Prinsloo (PhD, Postdoc) moved to Surrey (papers)
  • Dino Giovannoni (MSc) now at Rhodes
  • Anuj Misra (MSc)
  • Migael Strydom (Honours) moved to LMU Munich (papers)
  • Obinna Umeh (MSc)
  • Alex Hamilton (Postdoc) (papers)


  • Gabriel Cardoso (Feb 2016; IST Lisbon)
Visitors in 2015:
  • Silvia Penati (May 2015; Milan Bicocca, Italy)
  • Dmitri Sorokin (May 2015; Padova, Italy)
  • Per Sundin (April 2015; Milan Bicocca, Italy)
  • Hiroaki Matsueda (March 2015; Sendai College, Japan)
Visitors in 2014:
  • Horatiu Nastase (November 2014; IFT & ICTP Sao-Paulo, Brazil)
  • Joanna Erdmenger (December 2014; MPI Munich, Germany)
  • Koenraad Schalm (December 2014; University of Leiden, Netherlands)
  • Aki Hashimoto (December 2014; Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
  • Shamit Kachru (August 2014; Stanford University, USA)
  • Suresh Nampuri (August 2014, Wits)
  • Jacob Sonnenschein (August 2014; Tel Aviv)
  • Nicolas Manton (Feb 2014; University of Cambridge, UK)
Visitors in 2013:
  • Kevin Goldstein (August 2013; University of the Witwatersrand, SA)
  • Rajesh Gopakumar (Sept 2013; Harish-Chandra Institute, India)

Meetings nearby: