Thinking Critically for Deciding What to Believe or to Do:
      Explore, Evaluate, Expand and Express (E4)

qepCafe News 2012 

July 15 @ 5:55 pm
Limited public release, trialing of website 

June 15-July 14
Community release, initial testing of website

May 15-June 14
Develop site concept and training materials

Welcome to the qepCafe, a website offering free, self-paced, training devoted to improving critical thinking.  The intended audience for the training course includes educators and learners, as well as professionals and leaders. The content is designed for anyone who needs to understand issues at a deep level, to solve problems effectively, and to create a supportive environment where this kind of learning can occur.  

What is Critical Thinking?

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Critical & Creative Thinking may be regarded as "dynamic and deliberate processes where learners are active participants in intellectual activities in which they explore, evaluate, expand and express in relation to problems, scenarios, and arguments in order to reach sound and innovative solutions, decisions, and positions.

While Thinking Critically we:
Critical thinking is an integral part of the QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan/Program) being implemented at various educational institutions worldwide, including at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). Refer to EKU's QEP webpage for more information about our quality enhancement initiatives. 

Participants of the training will have the option of receiving either 12 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through either a: 
To start the training,  please press the button below, which will take you to a pre-training survey that covers various aspects of critical thinking. After completing the survey you may proceed to any of the five training modules (overview, explore, evaluate, expand, and express). The training course concludes with a post-training survey and an optional form for receiving your critical thinking training certificate.