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Shadow RS Saddlebag Mounts


So I got a new Motorcycle, a 2010 Honda Shadow RS.  I love the way the bike looks and more importantly I love the way it rides but, as all RS users tell you, getting accessories for this bike is a PAIN!!!  So here is a few things that I've learned while purchasing Saddlebags for my new bike.


    So I purchased a nice set of Saddleman Saddlebags that I really liked.  To my surprise the saddlebags came with a set of Saddleman universal mounts.  The problem with the mounts was that they DID NOT FIT THE RS!  because, they can not close enough (the RS fender bolts are very close together then other Honda motorcycles, only 10.5cm together) .  So It was off the to local bike shop. to pick up another set of mounts.


    So I purchased a set of Cobra Saddlebag Supports (02-6114).  When I put the mounts on my bike, I realized that they held my saddlebags way too far out.  and having a set of suspension cut saddlebags 2 inches out of the bike looks awful.

Picture 1: Cobra Saddlebag Mounts on a Honda Shadow RS

Picture 2: Cobra Saddlebag Mounts on a Honda Shadow RS

    So I had to go back to the drawing board.


    Quick Disconnects, Sweet, I love the way the bike looks without any accessories, so why not right?

Picture 3: Bolt Sizes

    The kit comes with a few different bolts.  I ended up using the 4 mid sized bolts.  This is how I sized them.

Picture 4: Universal Mount

    I had a friend of mine dig drill out the hinge on the Saddleman Universal Mount set that came with saddlebags so that I could use it as a back support.  Since I hit a spending limit on the bike accessories this year I have to work with what I had.

Picture 5: Front Bolt Sizing (Short bolt top, Mid bolt bottom)

    The front bolt on the RS sticks out more then the real bolt (See Picture 8 & 9) so all We need is the bolt head and the stud.

Picture 6: Rear Bolt Sizing (Short bolt top, Mid bolt bottom)

    The rear bolt on the RS sits lower,  So I made up the distance using the spacers and a nut that came with the kit.  Now I did notice that the spacers that came with the universal mount kit and the quick disconnect kit were slightly different in length, so use the once you feel work best.

Picture 7:  Protecting the Chrome.

    I protected the chrome on the bolts by warping them in plastic,  Look in your garbage/recycling we all buy things wrapped in plastic every week.

Picture 8: Top View (Everything Installed).

Picture 9: Side View (Everything Installed).

    The final view.  Small, simple and functional.

Picture 10: Modified on left, original on right.

    Just when I thought I was done one last snag.  The quick disconnects didn't click in.  As it turns out after you tighten down the bolts on the posts the caps don't want to lock in.  So Mr Dremel to the rescue.  I had to grind down the base a mil or 2 and everything works like a dream.