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SolidWorks Projects

    This is the showcase of some of the SolidWorks drafts that I have Created:

Picture 1: D20

    Yes, like most engineers I love D&D, So what better project to put your 3D sketching skills to work the make a D20. I should have made a D12 instead, a lot less sides to worry about.

Picture 2: Anonymous Wax Signet

    I love the work that Anonymous does.  So I got the idea to draft an Anonymous Wax Seal Signet.  The ring contains a small hole that one can use to conceal an 1.95mm x 15mm RFID Glass Capsule.   Perfect for sealing your threatening letters.

Picture 3: A Tribute to ValvE

    I love ValvE, I love Half Life, Portal and Team Fortress 2.  I always thought that the logos went well together, so I drafted them into the same sketch.  Enjoy.

Picture 4:  Whats this?  Something evil in the Works

    Details coming soon.

More to come soon,