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Goals & Objectives

1.4. Short and Long Term Goals

Short Term Goals:

-Promote innovative teaching and training techniques for our students and trainee doctors.

-Be a resource for society and for the nation to provide the highest quality medical care, training and research.

-Promote educational excellence by collaboration and consultation between different KEMU colleges and departments (medical, nursing, allied health, vision sciences, medical education, doctoral programs) and other Pakistani and international experts and institutions.

Long Term Goals:

To seek advances in health sciences to cure and relieve the symptoms of illness, maintain health and foster social prosperity.

To respond effectively to the ever changing needs of society through its research programs, educational facilities and curricula.

To follow the century-old traditions of the College which preceded the University by conducting its work and teaching to the highest international standards and preparing itself to responsibly address the key challenges faced by the society in the coming decades.

To respect the values and goals of human society by embracing the principles of justice, equality and internationalism.

1.5       Core Values of KEMU, Lahore

·         Professionalism; Nature an environment here student’s interests are higher than the teachers interests and patients interests are higher than the physicians interests.

·         Discipline; Respect the order of command, keep time, wear uniform and I.D Badge

·         Team work; Help each other to achieve common goal.

·         Waste conscious; Prevent waste of resources, time and effort

·         Merit; Encourage Transparency & Competition.

·         Equal opportunities; Give equal opportunities to all disregarding religion, gender, socio-economic status.

·         Respectful, Caring and sympathetic, Honesty; Dedication and Hard work





The conduct of Teachers, Researchers and Health Care Providers will be governed by:

i)          Core Values and policies of KEMU.

ii).        PMDC Code of Ethics for Medical & Dental Practitioners

iii).        Statements of Institutional Interest; and

v).        Service Rules - Job Descriptions



1.         Widely propagate all four (4) elements of professional behavior given in mission

2.         Every procedure should be done right, the first time, on time, and every time.

3.         Every staff member must endeavor to continuously enhance his/ her competency and moral             values.

4.         To distinguish and honor those staff members who have no conflict with all (4)      elements of code of staff behavior at KEMU and Teaching Hospitals.




The Educational Programs and their respective qualifications are arranged according to related Rules & Regulation by the society and the job market to give due value to the qualifications. The educational levels at KEMU are derived for graduate education from the decree 1992 of the “National Education Policy of Pakistan” and the classification of postgraduate qualifications is based upon Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.


I. Lower Skill Development Courses


Certificate courses of one week to one-year duration for candidates with metric qualification with the aim to produce skilled technicians.


II. Graduate Programs


1. M.B.B.S. for Doctors.

2. B.Sc (Honors) Allied Health Sciences

III. Postgraduate Programs


1.   Medium qualifications of two years Diploma and M.Phil Programs.

2.   Major qualifications

            (a)        Professional Qualifications MD/MS/MDS of four to five years.
            (b)        Academic Qualifications of Ph.D. in Clinical, Basic and Allied Health Sciences




Continuous research and development in all essential elements of Medical Education will be managed in a way to ensure continuous improvements in all academic programs at KEMU.


1.         To create Centers in following ten (10) essential elements of medical education     within the dept of R & D in Medical Education.

              a.   Enrolments and Career Advisory Center.
              b.   Curriculum Development & Management Center.
              c.   Assessments and Progression Center.
              d.   Semestrization Modularization and Credit Transfer Center
              e.   Student Support Center.
              f.    Business and Linkages Development Center.
              g.   Libraries Center
              h.   Extra-Curricular and Sports Center.
              i.    Hospital Relations Center.
              j.    Learning Strategies, Taxonomy and Pedagogy Center.

The regular teachers of KEMU on ex-officio basis to allow the developments to be implemented simultaneously will head these ten (10) centers.

2.         To encourage continuous research in these centers, new posts will be created on which young members will be expected to perform to shape existing knowledge and creatively.

3.         To achieve the mission & goals create a department to be headed by an Educationist with background in educational philosophy



To equip all academic and health care programs at KEMU and its Attached Hospitals with state of the art Information Technology and bring cost effectiveness and efficiency.


1.         To provide “High Speed Internet Connectivity” to KEMU, with intra facilities to its departments and attached hospitals on a wireless platform to connect students, teachers, researchers, health care providers, administrators and patients to each other internally through “Local Area Network” and externally through vast resources of “World Wide Web”.

2.         To Establish a “Department Of Information Technology” with “Technical Experts” to run the department and “Computer Centers” at KEMU, Mayo Hospital, Lady Willingdon Hospital and Lady Aitchison Hospital to provide training and learning facilities for all levels of students, teachers and staff.

3.         Install 600 computer terminals and related equipment at KEMU and attached hospitals, and create paper free work environment and provide access to all students, teachers, health care providers, managers, thus enhancing cost effectiveness and efficiency of all academic, management and health care programs.

4.         Promote Creation of Database, Research, Telemedicine, use of decision assisting tools, E-based management systems, E-Learning and Examination Systems.

            “The investment in information technology will lower the health care spending and improve the outcomes”.

            The Information Technology Department will comprise of one Director IT, two Deputy Director and six I.T. coordinators along with I.T. Technicians in all basic science, clinical and administrative units of KEMU and attached hospitals.



Through education of the teachers, administrators, and health care provider; develop world class standard and quality at KEMU and its attached hospitals.


1.         Develop written standards for all academic, administrative and health care programs according to the benchmarks recognized by International Standards Organization.

2.         Obtain certificate of “International Standards Organization” for all academic, administrative and health care programs.

3.         Through continuous measurement of the effectiveness of the outcome and determine the standards, develop and manage the quality according to the International Quality Assurance benchmarks.

4.         Establish Department of “Standardization and Quality Assurance” with “Quality Experts” on staff with responsibility to achieve the missions and goals stated above.

5.         The technical staff will comprise of one Director Standardization and quality assurance will two Deputy Directors and six Quality coordinators.



To support the data directed science culture and bring national and international recognition for high quality research and publication to KEMU and it’s attached hospitals.


1.         To uplift the research capability of all basic science laboratories of KEMU and clinical       laboratories at its attached hospitals by adding more staff equipment and resources.
2.         To continuously provide education in the field of “Research” to the students, faculty and health     care provides.

3.         To establish linkages with other Universities and Industry.

4.         To develop and manage “Research Ethics” at KEMU and attached hospitals.
5.         To hold meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences in fields of “Research”.
6.         To support publication of research being carried out at KEMU.

7.         To create “Development of Research” to carry out above mission and goals.


Following departments will be added to the academics of KEMU, Lahore to continuously improve the quality of the academic, administrative and health care programs through continuous research.

1.         New Library

2.         Department of Research and Development in Medical Education

3.         Department of Information Technology in Health

4.         Department of Standardization and Quality Assurance
5.         Department of Nursing.
6.         Department of Allied Health Sciences.
7.         Department of Hospital Equipment Technology.
8.         Department of Research
9.         Department of Cell Biology Tissue Culture and Genetics
10.       Department of Tissue Banking
11.       Experimental Animal house for skill training and research.
12.       New classrooms and Examinations Hall.
13.       New establishments of Registrar, Controller of Examinations and Treasurer of KEMU, Lahore.


All Department will be headed by “Related Experts” appointed as Directors, with sufficient resources (Equipment and Staff) to manage their affairs independently; and by integrating the related teachers of KEMU in Ex-officio capacity to ensure efficient integration of knowledge.

A new piece of land will be acquired where an International Medical College for foreign students along with a modern hospital will be constructed. In addition an Institute of Allied health Sciences, Institute of Nursing, Sports complex and residential area for faculty will also be constructed.