The online registration procedure is now open at the ECT* website. 

For registering, follow this link and next click on the "Registration" entry in the menu appearing on the right side of the page. Fill out the form, click the Submit button and that's it.

Notice that even if you do not get an automated reply, when you click the submit button your registration is safely stored in our database. In any case we will update on a regular basis the "Registered" field appearing in the Participants list of this website: so check if a tick mark appears there within a couple of weeks of your actual registration; if not contact Daniele Binosi at the mail below.

We remind you that the ECT* financial rules for 2013 allow us to offer a 70% support of the lodging costs to roughly 3/5 of participants that stay for the full duration of the workshop (priority will be given to Ph.D students, young post-docs, and people coming from abroad). Thus we ask you to register well in advance so that we can proceed to plan for the budget and communicate to the participants their subsidizing level.

In any case please notice that  the  registration will  be closed  two weeks before  the workshop, that is Friday August 16 (this  is  a strict deadline  related to administrative procedures, so please register as soon as possible). One week before the workshop you will receive all the details about your accommodation.

For any problem related to the registration procedure contact Daniele Binosi (