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BU-500 Fall 2008  Student E-portfolio Websites


Watch as our students demonstrate their skills in Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows XP

  Word Interactive Website  -  See a video of how it works

You may wish to install at home (optional)Jing Project Install 


For Final PortfolioAssessment

Review and add pages ( and to the sidebar) to your e-portfolio

Add 12 pictures to a new page on your e-portfolio 500 pictures page

Bring in additional pages and stuff for your eprinted portfolio

Next week Come with all your needs.... And an APPETITE!!!!

Survey on your graderequest!!!!

THE CLASS MEETS ONLY 2 more times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL Printed Portfolios are due NEXT week
1- Cover
2- Dedication
3-  Table of Contents and cover
Items in the printed portfolio should be in sections-
4-Word: Newsletter of course highlights, , Word Documents, and any item below.....
5-Excel Documents: Charts Surveys Graphs and your data analysis

4-Powerpoint of Course Highlights
5-Website e-portfolio ----Use Print Screen

6 Jing Multimedia



      Last name first name Future E-Portfolio website
+++  131 q500 Aniyankunju Sara student.webhop.org/qccsaniyankunju
 ++++ 132 q500 Arogundade Gany student.webhop.org/qccgarongundade
Videos - MS Intro -
 ++++++ 133 q500 Aviles  Saskia


BRING IN YOUR PRINTED PORTFOLIO for a GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week
Show all work- organized into sections....

Next Week  continue with Powerpoint

Videos - MS Intro English - Spanish -
 ++++ 134 q500 Barnes Richard student.webhop.org/qccrbarnes
Videos - MS Intro -
 ++++++++++ 135 q500 Carrillo Xavier student.webhop.org/qccxcarrillo2
Videos - MS Video Intro -
 ++++++ 136 q500 Dimitriadis Eric student.webhop.org/qccedimitriadis
Jing Media on Ribbon Groups
 ++ 137 q500 Dufresne Sundy student.webhop.org/qccsdufresne
+ ++ 138 q500 Fong Lok Him 

Survey- Hair Cut Frequency
Online Survey - Survey Results

 +++ 139 q500 Ganesh-Jaimungal Cindy


 ++++ 140 q500 Hall Winston student.webhop.org/qccwhall
Videos - MS Intro -
+ ++++++++ 141 q500 Hawkins Charles student.webhop.org/qccchawkins
Videos - MS Intro -
  142 q500 Jun Brian student.webhop.org/qccbjun
 ++++++ 143 q500 Nyendak Tenzin student.webhop.org/qcctnyendak
Videos -MS intro English - Tibetan - Hindi
 ++ 144 q500 Platero Oscar student.webhop.org/qccoplatero
  145 q500 Ramsadeen Anthony student.webhop.org/qccaramsadeen


+++++ 146 q500 Sabogal Sandra student.webhop.org/qccssabogal
 +++ 147 q500 Sanchez Jason student.webhop.org/qccjsanchez
 ++++ 148 q500 Sim Kyuhan student.webhop.org/qccksim
+ ++ 149 q500 Valencia Sherilyn

Multimedia Picture Effects

+ ++++ 150 q500 Wilson Sharif student.webhop.org/qccswilson
Videos - MS Intro -
 Dropped 151 q500 Winter Leslie student.webhop.org/qcclwinter
 ++++++ 152 q500 Zapata Fernando student.webhop.org/qccfzapata
Videos - MS Intro -
 ++ 153 q500 Zarzuela Jason student.webhop.org/qccjzarzuela
  154 q500     student.webhop.org
  155 q500     student.webhop.org

November 7th

Create a powrpoint presentation


Microsoft Office 2007 Training
with "Your Name"

Chose a theme
Create second slide with

Programs Studied
Microsoft XP
Microsoft Word 2007
Microsoft Excel 2007
Microsoft XPoewerpoint 2007

Ancilary programs: Google sites, Jing, Google Earth, Google forms and more



TEXT and SLIDE ONLY! Showing that you can train the individuals of a company in technnology including Microsoft XP, Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Later you will add pictursde sound video animations and screen captures.


Create a word document for a newsletter
Introduction- BU500 is exciting---

A few sentences about each of the programs

A few sentences about all thye cool stuff- sites, Jing, etc.



October 31, 2008 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Creating a report (cover,  surveydata, surveyresults) NOTE: This will NOT be finished today

1. Create a folder in MY DOCUMENTS named **103108 (** is your name with no spaces or capitals)

2. Cover- (filename **surveycov) - Upload it to your site....
MS Word document named **surveycov
-Add QCC course information- use Wordart, a picture graphic if you like
-Now add Header ( Survey by Your Name) and a Footer ( autotext filename and path ) after watching
--Header and footer

Take an online  Survey (Presidential Poll)  Survey  - Results

Here is the survey results in excel 2003

Survey Data
Create a spreadsheet - **surveydata.xslx ( save it in your My Documents folder)
After creating the data Create a data table of the Birthday results
Merge the cells
Add Color
Then add a bar or column graph to illustratrate the data

Can you do the same with the presidential data?

Watch the following video on Merge Cells

In Class if you have time:
Create a jing ( filename **mergecells) showing some of the following
Merge cells, Color cells, Alignment, etc.
Send the jing to your site

Overview of Excel- Formulas - Online test.
Reference- Working with formulas
Excel textbook- Begin EX1.43,
Inserting/Deleting Rows EX1.55

Extra for Excel-
Use the F1 Key to search for cool things and look for videos. Share the best with the class

Many of you have Excel 2003 at home -
Review the overview of Excel 2003



1- Watch jinggoogletemplates.swf
Create several Google Tempates (Business Card- Resume, etc.)
Save the file to your e-portfolio
Print it for your Printed Portfolio

 Coming Soon - Reference to Textbook - Excel- page EX1.47, EX1.75-76,EX3.60
VIDEO-Learn how to figure out dates by using formulas in Microsoft® Excel.



Excel Help and How-to

Demo: Data takes shape with conditional formatting

Excel Help and How-to Demo: Adjust page breaks to control what is printed on each page
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Explore Adventure Works in Excel by using an OLAP PivotTable report
Excel Help and How-to Watch this: Find Help for Excel functions
Excel Help and How-to Watch this: Use Print Preview to get things just right
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Apply your brand to Office documents with themes
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system — better together
Excel Help and How-to Watch this: Create an Access database/Excel workbook solution
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Create charts in Excel 2007
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Find what you need faster with the redesigned Office Online
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Up to speed with Excel 2007
Excel Help and How-to Watch this: Let the status bar do the work
Excel Help and How-to Watch This: Use macros to automate repetitive tasks
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Set a password to open or modify a workbook, document, or presentation
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Organize your data by using an Excel table
Excel Help and How-to Demo: The new Excel 2007 Fluent interface
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Analyze product sales with a PivotTable report
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Enable blocked macros
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Place your favorite commands on the Quick Access Toolbar
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Freeze or unfreeze rows and columns
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Hide or unhide rows and columns
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Insert and delete rows, columns, and worksheets
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Use simple formulas to do the math
Excel Help and How-to

Demo: Merge a range of cells into a single cell

Excel Help and How-to Demo: Combine the contents of multiple cells into 1 cell
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Distribute the contents of 1 cell across multiple cells
Excel Help and How-to Demo: Create formulas with Formula AutoComplete
Web page Video: Converting text to columns in Excel 2007 (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Drawing objects in Excel 2007 (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Filling a series in Excel 2007 (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Formatting as a table in Excel 2007 (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Freezing a window in Excel 2007 (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Learn Excel 2007 by using the Get Started Tab (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Inserting graphics in Excel 2007 (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Linking Excel worksheets (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Performing a VLOOKUP in Excel 2007 (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Tracing dependents in Excel 2007 (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Tracing precedents in Excel 2007 (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Tracking changes in Excel 2007 (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Understanding fill in Excel 2007 (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Understanding relative and absolute in Excel (Brainstorm Inc.)
Web page Video: Understanding themes in Excel 2007 (Brainstorm Inc.)
Excel Help and How-to Watch this: Transpose data in Excel 2007



Homework Assignments

Oct 28



Excel Video Training for Microsoft. LINK

Merging Cells and combining data

Additional Links Excel

Product Information


Help and How-to







Extra Credit

Create videos that show off your Microsoft Office skills and creativity with the Community Clips help video recorder, then upload and share to the site.





Header and footer
Create a Jing at home if you choose, calle wordheader.doc- If you do it in MS Word 2003 it will be fine.
Write a Thank you letter to Mr. Kenneth Mohan
Remember you need a jing on Pictures and on Ribbon tabs

Bring in your Portfolio for a check and Grade.....

Online Tutorials
Word 2007
From Microsoft (with Video)- http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/training/CR100654561033.aspx




Office 2000 Tutorials

Microsoft Road Maps

MS Demos-


October 17th in class and Homework

THE CLASS WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Create a survey on Google Docs
Fields- Lname, Fname, Gender, Age, Question1 with list of answers
Email the survey to 50 people ( about)
Export the file to My Documents as Name Survey ****** ( ** = 6digit date)

WIth the file on your computer open it with Excel.

Delete the time stamp, then alphabetize the data and remove duplicates.

Create a spreadsheet for your question responses with a graph. Upload it to Google docs untilit is complete.
Create a cover page for your survey.


Survey completed in priont, Also sent to your website. We will also make at least 2 jings ( one how to and one that analyzes the reponses). Alos we will make a Powerpont.

2 plusses for the best use of Google Forms. COnduct another survey.



October 10th in class

Homework- Bring in a camera with cables.... ( if you can)
Bring in a headset...
Bring in your Books ( Excel and Word 2007)
Create a Word file named ###googleearth.docx
Go to goolge earth and locate a site ( your house, Ground zero, The Whitehouse)

Print screen of Aerial view and street view.
Print screen and put it on your document.
Upload the document to your site.
Add a page to your site called Googel Earth
BE CREATIVE -- Ask Charles,,,,,

Add a Download Google Earth link
can you create a e-portfolio page called Google Earth and show aerials and street shots.
How about a tour of NYC Monuments, parks, sports stadiume.

Once the page is done can you give a JING tour of Google Earth


Below is to be done in class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Create a teachertube account with a username "qccYXXX" 
where Y= first letter of first letter of first name XXX=last name
This is where you will upload a video intro

With a camera take a video intro
Save the file in My Documents
Now rename it to introfirstname

Now convert it to an Mp4 filetype with WM Converter2
Change "convert to"...( Mp4 and Input and output to My documenst -your named folder
Now upload it to teachertube.com

Create a highlighted button which says Video Introduction
Now link it to your video URL address at Teachertube

2. Take a picture in front of your website. optional
Save this file to My Documents

Rename it pic1yourname

2. REiew 2007 interactive

Find 3 things which are hard to find in MS 2007 by looking them up in MS Interactive

Write them on a word file named

Your number officeinteractive.doc








In class (Oct. 3rd) with Homework
BOOK - 3 ring binder with page protectors and tabs - Headset with Microphone.

In Excel
Create a favorite Excel spreadsheet - filename:favoriteyourname.xlsx
Create a favorite Jing filename: favoritefirstname.swf
In Word
Create a flyer if you have not already done so filename flyerfirstname.docx
Create a Jing showing how you made the flyer including Word Art, Borders, Text etc.
with the filename flyerfirstname.swf

Create a business card at vistaprint.com

Can you make images for each exercise?
Jing to print screen and save as a file

Do the Jing video in different languages and gain Extra Credit pluses

Upload files and Jings and pictures to your site.

Add appropriate text and link the text to your file....

Bring in your text

Create and upload the following to your site

Jing - ribbonleft.swf
a picture of the ribbon.png ( jing)
businesscard.doc ( cropped ) Vistaprint.com

Bring in the 3 ring pbinder book and headphones

Get dressed up if you want a picture

9/19 - Due Next Week

Install Jing Project and WM Converter 2 ( get permission. This is optional )






Create a MS WOrd document.. Add objects - arrows call outs and directiona arrows with a text box showing features of the MS Office ribbon common to ALL 2007 programs.




On your site create the following pages THEN add them to the navigation bar

Links,  MS Office 2007,  Assignments ALL IN THE NAVIGATION SIDEBAR

Create a quick introtest Jing and place a link to it on your home page

Add content to each page.... as a BUSINESS STUDENT LOOKING FOR A POSITION!


Given on 9/12

File - **q500flyer1 - Create a flyer for BU500 training - Attach it to yor website.
Create an introduction to you website - 2 columns - Left Column should say

Business E-Portfolio of
Your Name
Queensborough Community College
Student Technology Trainer
BOOK - Word- Read 1-30 Know and be ready to report demonstarate 4 items on Page 31..

Books to Class!!!!! We will use them WD1.4 -

Learn Grammar Checker, Spelling Checker, Autocorrect, Word Wrap, Font and Font Size, Alignment and Graphics