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See our Daily Agendas 
see Student Tutorials on Microsoft Office

1. Download the file comparefinal.xls,
Complete it and print it. Then bring it to Prof. Stein.
Call him over to your computer, to show thim that the formulas work!

2. Download wordfinal.doc and complete it. Now print it and hand it in.




Review for the Final:

Submit 5 multiple choice questions with appropriate answers for Microsfoft WOrd and Excel. Email to abriteguy@aol.com - Put in you portfolio as well


Make an Excel document name it **qfinalsalary.xls

Show a table that converts all of the above to each other unit of salary (4 tables)
Hourly salary to Daily,  Weekly Monthly, and Yearly

8 hours = a day 5
12 months = year
50 weeks = year


Create a menu of 5 items for McDonald's showing (**qfinalmenu.doc)

Quantity Amount of each item (in dollars ) an extension  column
Veritcally added to a subtotal total
A tax of 8.5%
and a Grand Total 


Word- Create a flyer (**qfinalflyer.doc)
Advertising BU500 in Fall 2008 with Professor Stein


Create a paper with one citation (**qfinalpaper.doc) on Technology in Education

You need a standard heading....an introduction, article summary and conclusion





Create a Flyer adverising BU500 in Sp~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Question 1:

Write a short term paper... filename **qsupporttech.doc
Use the Course heading (changing appropriate information)

Title: Technology Supports Education (with or in)
Example: Technolohgy Supports Education in Elementary School
Example Technology Supports Education with E-Portfolios

Locate 2 articles on your topic... (qcc.cuny.edu/library  )
EBSCO remember to check Full Text
Write an introduction ( suggested that you do this LAST)

Summarize each of 2 the articles
Use a quote (indented on both sides with smaller text)

Explain why the article supports your view
Create a Citation for each using MLA Standards at eatch article
( Use knightcite.com )

Create a Bibliography

List all the resources




5/7 Probability.....

Create an Excel document **qdie.xls showing graphic results of  10 rolls of a die
Die Generator
First write your GUESS (DO NOT CHEAT PLEASE).
Whatever your guess... Professor Stein says you will lose! See who wins more.
Discuss your assignment and your results on a word Document **qdie.xls, making sure you use a header from a previous assignment.
Review the video of a student of professor Stein. Explain why Professor Stein was right most of the time!
Post both files to your website!
HOMEWORK- Complete and upload your description.

Want to know why Prof Stein wins most often? Hear his student explain probability


Final Review: Access: Key field, Fields, Format a field, Relational Data Base, Table, Form,  Report, Query 
USE YOUR TEXTBOOKS FOR KEY TERMS at the end of each chapter.

Printed portfolios every day til end.

3 ring binder, Table of contents, organized with tabs, Cover front back, all assignments ORGANIZED,
Section on E-portfolio (print screen with uses for each page)

Section Excel (Graphs, Amortization Schedule), Jobs... Formulas
SectionWord, Templartes, Business card...Etc.

Section - Web programs ( Jing, Email me form, Survey Monkey, Voice thread.

Intro to each section...... What business uses for each program - Bullets with explanations and how you would use them.


One final question - Create a newsletter....

What students have done...500sp08done.xls 

4/30 ( By the way... I am proud of this class- That is why I am showing you so much!)

Open any word document with a header... Save it locally as a new document with a new name ***qlibrary.doc and delete all non pertinent information. On th page with just the header remaining,describe your experience of  library. Note things like what and how you can use the QCC virtual library to do a research paper. Note several links and what they can do.
Now upload your completed Word document (and print it for your printed portfolio). List it in your assignments e-portfolio page.

The links should be active on your E-portfolio page "Library" page which you created at the library. Write a description of each link.

NOW----- This is FUN and POWERFUL

Create 2 new pages... "Email Form and Survey Monkey"
Do one at a time.

1. Email Me Form - Create an account. Then create an email form so that viewers to your site can offer Positive Comments. WATCH THE TUTORIAL on the link above. As a group decide on what information you would like to have emailed to you..

2. Survey Monkey - Create and account - Then construct and deliver a 5 question (business related) survey. WATCH THE TUTORIAL on the link above. Send the email or embed it into your e-portfolio survey page. Construct an Excel graph of your results  (file **qsurveyresults). Upload it and add it to your assignments list on your e-portfolio.

Discuss the questions and results on your e-portfolio "survey" page.

Note: One person (maybe 2) can conduct a survey on the usefulness and methods used in this course. (hahahaha - Prof.).


NOTICE: April 16th we meet outside the Library for a Virtual Tour of Online Resources. You will learn to about resources that you can add to your e-portfolio.





Create a Project Playlist.
Make a new web page on your eportfolio with the first words "music"

Go to ProjectPlaylist.com create an account and a playlist

Can you embed it with autoplay = true?


LESSON: Comparative research on wages of similar positions by area.

Open wagescompare.doc, save it locally (with class naming conventions), read it and minimize it.
Open wagescompare.xls, save it locally (with class naming conventions)
You may wish to review a previous document wages.xls

Go to Craig's List craigslist.com

Compare jobs of interst to you and in areas of interest to you!

When finished upload both files to your e-portfolio and crearte links in your assignment area.




Explore Jing.
Then Create an excel document (as we did in clss) to show:
See Professor Stein's 555qwages.xls document

1.what an hourly wage is per week per year,
2. What a yearly wage is per hour

File is called **qwages.xls
Capture it in Jing
Send the link to : qccstudent.broachford@gmail.com
She will send you an OK Wages.xls received) reply at your email address.
Upload you wages.xls assignmnet to your website
Create a link....
Add Jing to your Links page (optional).

The Quick and Simple Version

  1. Download, install, and run Jing.
  2. Click the capture button, and select something on your screen to share.
  3. Choose to grab an image or record a video.
  4. Edit your image or preview your video.
  5. Hit Share to upload your file to Screencast.com. The URL is copied to your Clipboard.
  6. Paste the URL into your conversations or anywhere else you want to share.

The Illustrated But Still Really Simple Version

First things first; download and install Jing. The PC client requires .NET 3.0 framework from Microsoft. If you don't have it, the Jing installer downloads it for you during the install. Once Jing is installed, you're ready to get started.


Please bring your printed portfolio up to be checked.
Assignments should be in a table of contents *qtoc.doc ( also uploaded to your site)
Add this to your Excel assignments sheet

Today: Assignment: **qooh.doc
Create a heading ( save it as **qooh.doc) LINK.
What is the Occupational Outlook Handbook?

Research up 2 different possible occupations choices
and tell what you found out about them.
If possible put a graph and explain what it means.

Create a citation MLA format using Knightcite.com
WANTED- a group to author - QCC Microsoft Office Training



You are responsible to make a video and publish it to teachertube. Note that you can make it private and send the link to professor stein abriteguy@aol.com
Note that you do not have to have your picture in it.

Students by the end of the term should have several entries in the 500sp08word book. The editor is to be assigned.


Look at the Excel document showing your assignments. a 1 indicates that it has been completed. The total is on the right. This document will be continually modified with more assignments.

Todays lesson

Microsot Excel... Create a menu for a store. Have columns add to an extension and the bottom totals. This will be added.

Create a web page on your site.
Copy and paste the Excel Tutorials (audio)

Comment on each with 3 or 4 things you lrearned.


Upload video to teachertube
Print Screen

Hoomework.. Review the files needed (this will increase) for your printed portfolio.

Bring them in printed...with a table of contents

Please create an e-portfolio page called "assignments"
Copy all the links (or create new ones) to your documents.
Write a quick definition of what the file is .


First Exam - Hand in your Printed Business E-Portfolio for a grade...
-3 Ring Binder with slide in front and spline
-Page Protectors
-Table of contents (with Borders and Word Art and Graphics)
- All assignments and other pertinent work executed from MS WORD or Excel,
with Call Outs what was learned.
-Print Screen Shots of your E-Portfolio web pages. Need help with Print Screen
Click Here
-Print Screen of your video on Teachertube with callouts with comments and number of apples in what date range.

It should have all lessons in prior days below.
Make it Beautiful...


Watch the Excel video lesson and complete the file:
equivfractions lesson on the MA005 Agenda page
upload the file to your e-portfolio
Create a link from your HOME page.

Create a survey monkey account
Try to make up 1 business related question (multiple choice with 4 options)

Place the link on your home page
Take this surevy on BU500 Attitudes

While this is being done... Prof. Stein will take videos of MS Word....


How to create new pages (my videos)

Assignment:  Create a file **myvideoword1.doc
Explain what you will be demonstrating in Microsoft Word
Show print screens

Topics cannot be duplicated.. All must be registered  (person to be chosen)
Choose from Labs in your Word Textbook....
Choose a simple topic or one that we did...

Make a text box
Picture layout
Create a flyer
Create a portfolio cover with borders and and wordart..

Review the websites of 2 people with Website reviewon your E-Portfolio with a link bar.

How to move assignments


Do Now:
Publish your Homework **news1.doc to your e-portfolio
Add a link from your  E-Portfolio Home Page

Search for an interesting job on Craigs List

Create stationery (with a fake address and fake telephone and correct email)
Write a letter showing interest, some qualifications, state why you would be a good candidates, request a n interview.... File  ** jobcover1.doc (sample)
Post this to your "garage on your e-portfolio"
Link it from the home page (or your assignments page)

Go to Microsoft Templates- Downdload a Resume template (job specific if possible).

Rename this file as **qresume1.docComplete this (enter ONLY your email
Write Personal information is available upon request



Prove that you know Chapter 1 Key Terms - page 1.28
- Create a New Word Document **qkeyterms-  Click the link
- Copy the key terms-
Define each in your in your own words
- Add screen shots with arrows
- Tell me about some.  each sound file is thenamed **q(term).
Post this file to your website. Create a link.... on your home page.

Listen to the "A" students




We added links to web documents - iaup.doc

Added an email address link

Links to Cool Things - Translate
Create a business card from Microsoft Templates upload it to the garage.


 Create a projject playlist - http://www.projectplaylist.com/

Try to link it to your cool things....

Play with igoogle.com



Downloading a file uploading a file (googlepages) - iaup from touroweb.webhop.org

Editing the iaup file and send it to your googlepage website.

Creating a link  Link to iaup

If all work hard... Microsoft Templates...... WOW

Homework - Create a business card

2/08/08 Friday

We watched Sandfantasy
We named the file **sand.doc
We uploaded it to our home page.


2/6/08 Wednesday

Add 2 more links (4 in total) to Cool Links on your home page.
Upload your cover document ***qcover.doc
Link the cover document from your home page -

2/1/08 Friday
Welcome.- Introductions and get 3 telephone numbers of classmates
Textbook, Syllabus
Supplies- Flash frive with ID info - Key attachment preferred.
Portfolio - 3 ring binder- Clear front - Tabs Sections Binder
Create a cover sheet with borders - and student number
email prof. Stein, abriteguy@aol.com, from your most frequented email address in the following format
- Subject line ALWAYS begins with **q (bb or email) or it may be deleted.