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Math Assignments and Class Notes Fall 2008
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Days/Locations - Tuesdays S218-  Wednesdays A416 ( 3-4:40 pm)

FINAL EXAM - 12/18  3:30-5:30pm Room A311


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Jing Download

See Jodian explain identity elements  and her document
Melissa explainsIdentity ( 
identitymelissa.swf ) elements  with a document identitymelissa.doc  

See Sandra add unlike fractions and ratio/proportions - summitlogoheader


Just a few more classes.

Homework- Complete the final exam. SHOW all Work!!

Link to Summer 2006


QUIZ today... on the following:

Comparing  Fractions ( Numerator same, Denominator same- Both different)
If Both different - 3 methods please)

Divide Mixed Numbers

Multiply Mixed Numbers

Compare Fractions and Decimals


Complete with work and 10 each Summer 2006
Problems 12-18 on Summer 2006 with 10 each of the interactives
Up to 10 points on the next quiz for the summit book with the summit imp with dates and sections.....

GET 10 points added to the last quiz. SEE CHARLIE in Math Center.
Complete the quiz again and have him check you---- LINK

11/25- QUIZ tomorrow.... 4 questions - 10 minutes!-

Practice 6,7,10,11 on the final Summer 2006 ( above)

Nov. 19th

7-6 Reciprocals of Fractions
8_3 Multiplying Fractions
8-4 Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers
8-5 Dividing Fractions



Problems 1-10 on Summer 2006 Final Exam LINK


Welcome to SUMMIT found on QCCMATH.webhop.org
Lets go to the online MA005 syllabus- Link

MA005 Syllabus 2.3
Lesson: on Adding and Subtracting Fractons with unlike denominators
Read pages preceding Page 128
Do the following problems on pages 128-131

1,2,3,9,17,30,39,49,59,63,69,87,95,107,115,131,132,141,145, 148,149,151
Do 20 problems for each of the SUMMIT (aaamath.com) interactives below....
Mark the score and date on your SUMMIT IMP Spreadsheet
Attach the printed report totals to the SUMMIT IMP and remember tosave them by uinit

8 1 Adding Fractions with Different Denominators
8 2 Subtracting Fractions with Different Denominators

SEE a Screen capture of adding umlik fractions as well as a student explanation on SUMMITSAMPLES
located on qccmath.webhop.org

Nov. 18th

QUIZ- Area and Perimeter

Study formuals for Area  LINK

Multiplying by 10s
Multiplying Scientific Notation Numbers

Review : Cross multiplication to solve proportions
Multiplying Mixed Numbers
 Dividing Fractions by Fractions

Nov. 12 (9 more classes until the final)

Area of a circle
What is a Trapezoind?

TUESDAY  QUIZ!!!! on Paper!!!!



ONLY 10 more visits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/12 11/18 11/19 11/25 11/26 12/02 12/03 12/09 12/10 12/16


25 6 Area of a Circle

25 4 Area of a Trapezoid

 Final Review Summer 2006

23  Chanel

14  Desyre


Nov. 11

Define: angle, vertex, obtuse acute, perpendicular, right angle, line segment, obtuse, reflex angle, scalen, isoceles

What is the formula for:

  • Circumference of a Circle
  • Perimeter of a square
  • Perimeter of a rectangle

Watch the video Triangle Classification

 Textbook problems  506-509


What is the difference between Perimeter (Circumference for a circle) and Area?

 Please do 20 each and place it in your summit binder- Mark your score on the spreadsheet!

25 Unit AREA
25 1 Area of a Square
25 2 Area of a Rectangle
25 3 Area of a Parallelogram
25 5 Area of a Triangle


Final Su06
Review - Get extra credit- do a Jing!!!!!!!


13     Area of a Triangle
Thousandths by Tenths
Thousandths by Hundredths
14     Perimeter of a Rectangle
Thousandths by Tenths
Thousandths by Hundredths
    Finding the Third Angle of a Triangle
Supplementary Angles
Complementary Angles


Nov. 5th

Perimeter and circumference

24 1 Perimeter of a Square
24 2 Perimeter of a Rectangle
24 3 Perimeter of a Parallelogram
24 4 Circumference of a Circle

Do the following problems on
pages 506-509



Nov. 4th Election Day- All Should Vote

View MA005 Syllabus
als0 want to see a previous - Math Final SU06


Names of Polygons -Closed figures comprised of stright sides -Think of ways to remember them.
Name Sides Angles
Triangle 3 3
Quadrilateral 4 4
Pentagon 5 5
Hexagon 6 6
Heptagon 7 7
Octagon 8 8
Nonagon 9 9
Decagon 10 10
What is the sum of the internal angles of a triangle. Use this interactive LINK
Review Types of angles Acute, Right, Obtuse and Reflex 
Thank you John page of www.mathopenref.com
Please use the Math Open Ref. Interactive 
Take an angle quiz  (optional)

Identifying Types of Triangles by Angles

Types of triangles based on their angles
A RIGHT triangle has one 90o angle.
An OBTUSE triangle has one angle that is greater than 90o.
An ACUTE triangle has all three angles less than 90o.

Identifying Triangles by their Sides
An EQUILATERAL triangle has all three sides the same length.
An ISOSCELES triangle has two sides with the same length.
A SCALENE triangle has all three sides different lengths.
Watch Professor Stein teach VIDEO - Triangle Classification

Please do 20 each. Print it and pace it in your summit binder

22 3 Types of Polygons

TEXT- Do the following problems on pages 494-497

Oct 29th

20 each and place in your summit folder
When you do report totals incle the unit lesson number and your name

8-2 Subtracting Fractions with Different Denominators
8-3 Multiplying Fractions
8-4 Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers
32-1 Powers by Multiplication
32-2 Evaluate Squares
32-3 Evaluate Squares II

Textbook Syllabus

2.3 Pages 128-131 - 1,2,3,9,17,30,39,49,59,63,69

Homework for Oct 28

10-1 Find Ratios
10-2 Ratios
10-3 Cross Multiplying Proportions

In Class Assignments due Oct 22

Improper Fractions....
Now you try it on paper. frac_improperreduce.doc

 Test on----

8-1 Adding Fractions with Different Denominators
Change a fraction to a mixed Number
Adding Mixed Numbers
Adding Unklike Fractions

20 problems each
Bring in your SUMMIT BINDER with sections, IMP Spreadsheet(with entries)- with homework write assignment and pages. ( Up to 20 points for bringing  a complete binder ( beautiful) with headset)
Do a Jing and get 10 points additional.

In Class 10/15 Assignments due Oct 21

Do 20 each
 Fractions and Decimals 7-4 Least Common Multiple
Fractions and Decimals 7-5 Least Common Denominator
add above to your SUMMIT

Do 10 of the following
 Fractions 8-1 Adding Fractions with Different Denominators
add above to your SUMMIT

Adding unlike fractions
Syllabus 2.2 Do the reading and examples and place it in your SUMMIT Printed Portfolio

Be prpared to make a video.....like the one below.
View a multimedia of adding unlike fractions  -
Now try creating your own multimedia with Jing.with  a
Word Student Workdheet


In Class 10/7 Assignments due Oct 14



Review Signed number addition and multiplication
Explain the concept or + and - of signed numbers
Dicover the rules for multiplication and division

What is the Identity Element of a base raised to a power(exponent)?
Write the list of the base 2 raised to the power of 5 ( at the top) down to the power of -5

What is a good name for any number raised to the power of 1?

Textbook 88-95 problems 1,3,5,7,13,19,29,31,63,69,81,87,93


Factors 6 1 Factors
Fractions 7 1 Prime and Composite Numbers
and Decimals 7 2 Greatest Common Factor

28 Positive and  28 1
Negative  28 2
Integers 28 3 One Digit Integer Addition Equations
  28 4 One Digit Integer Subtraction Equations
  28 5 Adding Two Digit Integers
  28 6
  28 7
  28 8 Two Digit Integer Subtraction Equations
  28 9 Add Three Integers
  28 10 Three Digit Integer Addition Equations
  28 11 Three Digit Integer Subtraction Equations
  28 12
  28 13
  28 14 Multiply Integers
  28 15 Divide Integers


In Class 9/24 Assignments due Oct 1
1.5- Whole Numbers- Exponents
Read 64-67- Problems:2,3,4,11,15,23,27,29,35,39,43,49,63,69,75,77, 96,97,99,105,107,108

In Class-
Create a Multimedia on - Identity Elements (click to see a sample)
Try making your own with Jing using  identity.doc


Exponents 32 1 Powers by Multiplication
  32 2 Evaluate Squares
  32 3 Evaluate Squares II
  32 4 Evaluate Cubes
  32 5 Evaluate Exponents
  32 6 Evaluate Integers with Exponents 


and Order of 
Operations 11 3 Order of Operations

Create a jing video

In Class 9/23 Assignments due 9/24


What are the Identity elements for +, -, *, /
What is the Multiplicative Proerty of zero

Product= Multiply 2  or mor numbers
Quotient =
Divisor = What you are dividing by....

From your math syllabus ( Edition 4)

1.4 Read 53-55 and do problems from 55
Problems 2, 3, 23, 25, 29, 33, 53, 63, 65, 66, 67, 70, 71

Division 5 1 Dividing Without a Remainder
  5 2 Dividing With a Remainder
  5 3 Long Division
  5 4 Divide a 4 Digit by a 2 Digit number


Due 9/23
BRING your Texbook to class
Bring a headset by Wednesday....(with a mike)

Review of Multiplication...

1.3 Syllabus Read the pages in 4th edition.  Do the questions asked for...
Multiply a 5 by a 2 Digit Numbers
Multiply a 5 by a 3 Digit Numbers
Division is the reverse of Multiplication
Multiplication SentencesI 

How many degrees in the interior angles of a triangle?


Due 9/17
Whole Number Addition and Rounding Numbers to different place values....
1.2 Syllabus do each of the problems on the printed syllabus- Refer to the textbook.
 Interactive syllabus 1.1 and 1.2 - do 20 each and perint and save for your portfolio