Project Proposal

Taylor Chin

INTD 18: Advanced Leadership Practicum

15 October 2009

  Capstone Project Proposal

1.     Problem Identification

a.     Who is the intended audience?

The target audience is Whittier College students, with a focus on the staff members of the Quaker Campus as well as students in the Quaker Campus workshop and the Journalism course. I also welcome any Whittier students, faculty, or administration to attend as well.

b.     What is the need/problem?

These workshops would allow the QC to spread and share the knowledge that it gained while at the Fall National Journalism Convention in Austin, Texas.

c.     What changes are needed?

By educating our staff and the student body, I hope to improve the skills of our staff while also recruiting new students who may have never considered writing for the Quaker Campus.

d.     How can this improve/enhance the community?

Other than improving the quality of the writing and reporting in the Quaker Campus, this will allow the Quaker Campus to open itself to the Whittier College community.

2.     Rationale

This project is important to Whittier College because it will spread valuable information throughout the student body and faculty about the seminars at Austin. Student body fees were used for this conference, so it makes sense to offer it to offer the knowledge gained to the rest of the students.

3.     Project description

a.     Type of Project

Convention Series

b.     Why this project?

After attending the convention, I realized the importance of spreading the knowledge to the rest of the staff in order to improve the paper and to educate them on important skills that may potentially help them in the future.

4.     Program Objective and Goals

a.     What are you trying to accomplish?

I would like to open up the Quaker Campus to the rest of the campus, and potentially recruit new staff members.

b.     Identify the specific objectives and goals of the program

The objectives are to educate the staff, improve the paper, recruit new members, educate the school, and help establish the Quaker Campus even more on campus.


5.     Funding Needs

a.     Project budget

I estimate that I would need $200 dollars each day for a total of $400.

b.     Potential funding sources

I will ask Media Council for funding.

6.     Risk Management Issues/Legal Considerations

I do not foresee any major risks or legal considerations.

7.     Timeline

Tasks to Complete:

-Request Deihl Hall

- Inform about powerpoints and presentations

- Advertise event

-Get food

-Have event

a.     How will you assess program effectiveness

I will be able to determine that it is successful if the content of the paper improves or more people are interested in the QC.

8.     Competencies

a.     What specific leadership competencies will the project put into action?

Translate role within, organization to larger community, Information Seeking, Manage the task and the performance of all involved, Audio Visual Aids

b.     What special skills/knowledge are needed to undertake the task or address the problem?


c.     Are there other skills that will be utilized?

I will also be using my organizational, networking, publicity, problem solving skills during this event.

d.     Which new knowledge/skills must be acquired by participants?

They will learn about the new ideas and concepts that we learned in Austin.


9.     Other Considerations

Taylor Chin,
Dec 16, 2009, 1:42 PM