Time Management

Intentional and Effective Application
 Setting Priorities All tasks are done and meets deadline without compromising quality. From my end, all tasks met their deadline; however, some presenters did not meet their deadlines.
 By not meeting their deadlines, they affected the quality of work that was going to be presented.
 Using a Planning Tool The student shows evidence of planning by using a “To Do List” and or planner and meets deadlines. I made several small to-do lists during my meetings with Nessa.
These helped organize me and ensured that I completed the most important tasks.
 Developing a
Long-Term Plan
 Has a long-term plan that Is realistic, specific, is challenging and shows evidence of a back-up plan. I did not have a back-up plan, we improvised when issues occurred.
The absence of two presenters was unforeseen, so I believe that it would be hard to plan for that in advance.
 Task Completion Individual is always on task and his/her work and meets deadlines. In the end, the task was completed.
 It would have been better if more people attended, and the presenters all attended.