Critical Thinking

Intentional and Effective Application
 Identifies a problem,

opportunity or

 Sees the problem and all component pieces with a full understanding of level of complexity.Josh and I recognized the need for additional training for photographers and writers were who unable to attend formal training. This was an effective training method, but there needs to be more than one training session a semester.
Analyzes the

elements/facts of a specific

Understands and articulates patterns, cause/effect relationships and critical indicators related to the current situation/problem. We needed people to help train and a method.
 Using the staff attending the convention solved the people problem, and we had originally planned on using workshops.
 Gathers relevant


Collects a comprehensive collection of political, stakeholder, and other information. Because we  were going to Austin, it gave us the chance to train people using the most up-to-date information.
 We presented a lot of good information, but we did not necessarily teach all of the basics that new staff members should know.
 Mutual sharing of

information with

Is willing to share feelings, information, or thoughts with those from differing perspectives.The speeches and notes are examples of information sharing.
 The information was shared pretty well with all attendants, but we could have improved using differing perspectives.
Considers other's

perspectives and uses them to develop alternatives relative to situation (throughout)

 Exploration of multiple alternatives becomes the new routine and there is frequent demonstration of an ability to integrate others'
 We could have just had sessions in the QC hosted by the editors. We also wanted to attach staff bonding to this event.
 While the other scenario was plausible, this was the most logical and convenient plan. Staff bonding  events did not happen afterwards because too few people could attend.
 Clarifies and



Is able to recognize explicit and implicit assumptions and their impact. I assumed that we would not be able to get donations in time, and that we would get a low turnout from non-QC students.
These assumptions were correct, but it would have been beneficial if my assumptions had been false.