Project Management

Intentional and Effective Application
 Articulate series of goalsWrite tangible goals that relate to organization’s vision, mission, and purpose; Articulate goals to entire group 
Even before going to Austin, the staff members attending conference with me decided that we would like to hold workshops to share the knowledge that we gain while at convention 
The goals, as well as requirements, should be included on the form signed in order to attend the convention.
 Articulate series of
steps/processes to achieve
Review past assessment data; Implement change accordingly; Steps/processes linked to goals of project and apply methods
to work 
 I noted that we just wrote out notes for the previous year. I decided that I would help host the  workshops after we got bak from Austin. I created several To-Do lists and reminded myself of my timeline with my calendar.
The lists were generally followed which resulted in the success of the event.
 Determine, procure,
optimize all resources
(human, material, and
financial) needed
Look beyond what is present and discover new resources; Apply/use resources efficiently; Use a system of checks and
balances for continual management of all available resources. 
I brainstormed and met with Nessa in order to determine all the resources I needed. Once I reserved the room, I had the majority of the resources required except for the food.There was not much competition for on-campus resources, so that was not an issue. For food, I would have to contact donations much earlier.
 Create and maintain budgetSet appropriate budget and practice fiscal responsibility 
I gave Josh instructions to get funding from Media Council for food for the event. I also discussed the possibility of using leftover funds from Austin.I am not sure if Josh stayed under budget with his purchases.
 Define and appraise tasks
(specific component within
Utilize resources in completion of tasks; Appraise efficiency and effectiveness in completion of task in meeting goals 
I attempted to use several resources to advertise, and took advantage of the resources provided by the school. 
I was not very effective in bringing in non-QC students with my advertising, but I was able to help share knowledge gained at Austin with other staff memberes
 Calculate time on task Follow a clearly defined, well planned time line with time left for unplanned issues The event established a timeline for when physical notes and powerpoints had to be turned in, leaving a few extra days in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
We ran a little bit long, even with the absence of a few presenters.
 Initiate the tasksRecognize a need/opportunity; initiate task on own within the defined time line 
 I also needed to type up notes and create powerpoints. I also had to prepare and post posters at a logical time for maximal viewability.
Generally, the presentations followed the revised order.
 Perform the taskUtilize all of resources; Follow time line efficiently and effectively; Perform task through completion; Understand the
importance – commitment not compliance 
Some issues arose in with personnel , but overall the workshops were successful as other people were able to cover the empty time slots.The workshop series was generally successful.
 Manage the task and the
performance of all involved
Assign tasks, relinquish ownership, evaluate and monitor progress and make sure that tasks have been completed 
I assigned tasks at the beginning and before presentations in order to establish each person's role and presentations.I did not have a method established to discipline those who could/did not participate.
 Evaluate the projectDevelop assessment tool based on desired outcomes and utilize data gathered on future projects in subsequent years 
 We have a record of the majority of the notes from the convention, but in the future, we would like the staff who attends convention to provide extra information (photos, movies, etc.) to archive
In the future we could advertise earlier and provide greater benefits for those who come. This website serves as an assessment tool to compare the quantity of presentations and notes.
 Forecast and set procedures
for subsequent years
Create a comprehensive transitional procedure including a standard operational manual that is updated from year to year 
Ensure presentations and notes are saved, then placed on the website in a logical manner.The future workshops should simply follow the same format and ensure that there are electronic copies to upload.