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Type spacing: squeeze vs. track vs. kern vs. leading


Tracking: universal application of spacing between letters

Kerning: specific application of spacing between specific letter pairs

Leading: Space between lines (pron. Led-ing)


Two type families: Serif/Sans-serif


Serif: Body type (easy to read), scanning

Sans-serif: for listings


Headlines can be either/or/both (serif/sans-serif)


Add a drama font if needed

-DRAMA FONT: A font in all caps in @ least 100 pt font


Example 1: Atlanta – change up headline fonts to add texture

Type adultery:

-       Stick to fonts and don’t go outside style sheet; find creative ways to utilize the fonts inside the style sheet

 H&J Settings

            Hyphenation and justification

            -Paragraph styles



                                    Hyph. Cap. Words/last word

                                    Better spacing

                                    Words w/ 6 letters

                                    After first two (2)

                                    Before last two (2)

                                    Hyphen limit (3)

                                    Hyphen zone (36 pt)


                                    Word spacing: MIN 85%, DES 100%, MAX 110%

                                    Letter spacing: all 0%

                                    Glyph scaling: 100%

                                    Auto leading: 120%

                                    Full Justify

Taylor Chin,
Dec 17, 2009, 12:11 PM