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The Circuit – media convergence

 The Circuit – media convergence – Neslie Tumulac
1.     The Circuit: web communication for providing quality and current information to students, faculty, staff by converging media
a.     video content, feature content
b.     work with organizations
                                               i.     added news station, radio station
2.     market TC for media info
a.     want to rep media
3.     inspired by NYtimes traditional news source
a.     MSNBC bold, engaging design
b.     CNN
4.     runs on dontnetnuke - best resource
a.     versatile, support, user-friendly, modules
5.     engagepublish: for articles
6.     bizmodules: video and photos
7.     3 source contents
a.     newspaper - The trumpet
b.     TV station
c.     radio
8.     circuit TV
a.     how to get students involved on site
b.     2 min broadcasts
c.     green screen
d.     weekender program - rundown of week
e.     sports show, entertainment show, current events
9.     circuit features
a.     events and organization on campus
b.     online presence
c.     voting - attracted people with results, special
d.     runs on main servers at college so faster
e.     news - weekly video and broadcast (2 programs)
f.      TV and other shows, videos under 3 minutes
g.     Cover it live
10.  orange and light teal color scheme, with black, white
a.     used Google analytics to analyze traffic. sources are twitter/facebook
b.     green screen
c.     not on YouTube b/c 2 different places
d.     not a lot of $
11.  costs:
a.     codebase $80
b.     skin theme $115
c.     domain registration $20
d.     video/picture module $325
e.     article management $495
f.      total $1035
12.  recognized by college media association acp
13.  future:
a.     transfer to next year - two people split news and features
b.     viewership
c.     increased involvement
14.  Circuit staff 6-7 + news + TV + radio
15.  ad revenue goes back to general fund
16.  students wanted it.
17.  for covering event: everyone did what they do - write, TV, etc
18.  help inform events on campus, where
20.  facebook/com/wartburgcircut
21.  spend about two hours spent on a show, use green screen, add flash equipment
22.  have state of the art TV equipment at TV station
23.  initially bought cheap green screen.
Taylor Chin,
Dec 11, 2009, 9:31 PM