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Successful Sports

 Successful Sports – Neslie Tumulac
1.     if you want to be a sports writer, write story beyond the scores
2.     weekly papers: need to do mostly roundup of sports of the week
a.     need a look ahead
b.     don't need to go into a lot of game detail. anyone who cares read it already
c.     need to write: what went right & wrong
d.     lead reflects that & looks ahead
                                               i.     e.g. "two wins under belt, x faces y z in lead."
e.     game highlights
f.      quotes for what went right, wrong
g.     future - upcoming
h.     change to make things better
i.      strategy
j.      quotes
k.     important that story is not too long
l.      sports fans already know details
3.     other options: don't know things that daily paper doesn't include
a.     clubs/intramurals - most readers interested
b.     PE classes, features, canoe class etc.
c.     "Life sports" better readership b/c about classmates
                                               i.     20% readership to 80% - photo appeal
4.     Possibility in covering sports - use significant others who already go to the game
5.     Run standings and results of games at minimum
6.     "Fast break"
7.     The dailies cove national sports unless grad or alum is on team -- angle or column about nation thing
a.     Doing for self or readers
b.     Don’t put in scrap book
c.     Type of features: grad who goes national
8.     Unique about players - two sets of twins on same team with feature photos - opponents do they mix them up?
9.     Siblings, generations of same family playing sport b/w photo of grandpa
a.     Relationships - family
b.     Tom smith said. Mary smith said. He said she said.
10.  Life sports: what people do for fun and activities
a.     Hunting fishing, surfing, hiking, other unique sports, gymnastics
11.  Ideas: behind the scenes people sports info director, athletic trainer, aspects of training "what's it to be a spiker on the volleyball team." must challenging part easiest. Quote box headshot.
12.  Beginning of year, sport preview of all sports - quote from coach players to watch with photo
13.  Kid who had to overcome a major obstacle
14.  Diversity
15.  Person with fantastic ability
16.  Short kid in basketball who’s fast. Sticks out from rest of team
17.  Married players
18.  Travel with a team what do they talk about
19.  Paintball
20.  Foreign students
21.  Set up photo when emphasizing the people you're featuring
Taylor Chin,
Dec 11, 2009, 9:29 PM