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Ruling with an Iron Fist wearing a Velvet Glove

Biochemistry Review – Exam III

Josh Wood

Austin Convention Notes


Ruling with an Iron Fist wearing a Velvet Glove Fri. 1:30 pm


1.  Triage issues

            Save what you can

            Willing to have some embarrassing issues to gain in the end?

            Fire a slacker, set an example

            Publish crap, as long as it’s increasingly better and better crap


2.  Overthrow the old order

            Bring in speakers who say what you want them to – rig it

            Save up for a rainy, boring day with backup stories

            Implement rolling deadlines J J J

            Copy flow


3.  Embrace impatience

            Be impatient by design – have copy move immediately

            Have different parts of story due throughout the week

                        Turn in lead a day early

                        “We came up with this system to help ‘you’.”

                        Turn in two paragraphs day before

            Keep meetings to a LIMIT.

                        Egg timer

                        Two tangent maximum

            Have specialized meetings


4.  Write and go to war (for EIC)

            Think big, write small – write briefs

            Do grunt work – show staff you’ll do it too

            Lead by example – ask section editors for deadlines

            Write cutlines and headlines


5.  Edit and Rule

            Ask for ideas but don’t assign them

            Critiques are motivational

                        Not to make paper better, but to make people better

            Be a jerk first, be nice later

            Credibility: make statements, if they’re wrong apologize, be humble


Conflict resolution

Say:  “It’s not about you or me; it’s about the betterment of the paper.”

Site facts rather than opinion’s


Demote slackers


Taylor Chin,
Dec 11, 2009, 4:06 PM