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Linda Park

Austin Convention Notes



(“The Gift of Seeing,” “Design & Photography,” “Image Correction,” “Organizing the Photography Staff,” and “Better Photos”)


Defining the Role of Photography in the Quaker Campus:

·        Communicates the story through visuals

·        Creates the tone of the story

·        Visuals are the first to grab attention, not words

·        Photos as the main design element


Suggestions to Improve Photos:

·        Shoot everyday as a form of training

=>Eyes develop style by exploring different compositions, subjects, and conditions

=> Possible assignment: staff photographers to photograph daily

·        Identify opportunities

=> Often the best photographs are “mistakes” or unexpected

=> Mastery in timing allows the photographer to be ready for unexpected opportunities

·        Keep a log of photo and story ideas => People on campus doing interesting things, good deeds (Ex. Senior spotlight, feature stories)

·        Consider how design can help tell the story

·   Rule of Thirds

·   Utilize white space

·        Ask yourself:

·   Is the image newsworthy?

·   Does it relate to the story?

·   Is the image interesting?

·   What will be the dominant photo? And why?

·   Captures emotion, the winning goal, vibrant colors, etc.

·   Is there variety?  Do all the photos look similar?



·        Photo drop off—Only eliminate unusable images

Ex. Blurry, no image, empty, inappropriate, etc.

·        Highlight preferred images when dropping off images

à Communicate with the editors to express design ideas

·        Delineate jobs and responsibilities

·    Who reports to whom?

·   Specify job/assignment descriptions; what is expected

·        An assignment is a “contract” to attend meetings, research information, shoot quality photos, contact necessary people (editors, other photographers, writers, subjects, school leaders, etc.) and turn in photos on time

·        Rewards for being a staff photographer:

·    Access to gear

·   Paycheck (ex. Work study)

·   Photo or Staff of the Week à Starbucks gift card

·   Name and work in print

·   Access to games, performances, and other campus events

·   Food on Wednesday nights

·   Build relationships and contacts


Goals for the Quaker Campus Photography Section:

·        Fluency in digital SLR photography

·        Basic editing abilities on Adobe Photoshop for all staff photographers

·        Strong communication between photographers, editors, and writers

·        Publish color photos on and Facebook

·        Photoblog to display photos without the space restrictions of print

·        Purchase access to a stock image site to avoid using Internet images, which often have copyrights = illegal


Taylor Chin,
Dec 11, 2009, 4:15 PM