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Marketing Your Paper

Marketing Your Paper

1)    Market to a different audience

-It does not truly matter what is in the paper for advertisers, as long as the papers are being read.

a.     Students

b.     On-Campus Advertisers

c.     Off-Campus Advertisers

d.     Staff

2)    Use people for real inhouse ads

a.     “Real news for real students”

3)    Develop a slogan and use it on EVERYTHING

a.     Slogan: “Real news for real students”

                                               i.     “Real nose for real news”

b.     Place the name and contact info on everything (Pens, shirts, handouts)

c.     Create larger, nicer and well-thought out inhouse ads

4)    Attempt to use school clothing for special days

5)    Market to Millennials in a Major Way

a.     Real ads for real students

b.     Reward your advertisers

                                               i.     Include their name in an ad about advertising

6)    Create Points of Purchase

a.     Add humor to the newsstands/ distribution spots

b.     Highlight a BIG publication day

7)    Go Digital with E-Delivery

a.     Place headlines and photos on the emails

b.     Interact with the reader (Polls, contests)

8)    Meet your readers on Facebook

9)    Make a “sweet” home page

a.     Interactive

b.     Draws the reader in within a few seconds

                                               i.     Voice/video shows for 15 seconds to pull in to main story/video

                                             ii.     Try to find a sponsor for polls or videos

10) Use inhouse ads and flyers to show your personality

11) Rate cards combine our info and design

a.     Describe what our publication does

12) Nothing beats a bargain

13) Establish a place in history

Taylor Chin,
Dec 11, 2009, 9:53 PM