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Intranet-Internet – Neslie Tumulac
1.     About communicating internally
2.     The Daily - UW
a.     Almost everything web based
b.     For workflow: woodwing -
c.     Office manage: basecamp -
d.     Sales team: adverse
e.     Homepage - simple intranet with links
                                               i.     Daily handbook wiki of jobs, processes
                                             ii.     Calendar - color in paper
                                            iii.     Online proofs - sales stuff
                                            iv.     Sales team link
f.      People can do job in/out office
g.     Basecamp for ad and news room
                                               i.     Can analyze for active people
                                             ii.     Django - student IT person
3.     UCLA
a.     Situation: lots of lost paper, need to be in office to work
                                               i.     Needed a way to access and get in one spot from web
b.     Populous project - digital news room
                                               i.     Will be open source within a couple of weeks
c.     Need to host on own server
d.     Place for wiki pages - policy tabs: assignment, registration, ideas, files, pages, people
e.     only used for assignments
f.      similar to basecamp but tailored to needs
g.     Bonjour to track people - force people to login (for large office)
h.     Another school
4.     easy and cheap ways to get a newspaper to adopt things
a.     Google apps for domain
b.     buy a domain for $10 a year through Google
                                               i.     create emails:
c.     Skype for text chat, audio, video, conference calls
d.     yammer
e.     laconica - what people comfortable w/use basecamp which is more to manage more money
f.      projectpier
g.     FTP client to transfer files
                                               i.     yousentit
                                             ii.     megaupload
                                            iii.     rapidshare
h.     openatruim
i.      Tools allow to document what happens
j.      A lot of technical stuff besides Google apps, need server, need IT
k.     knowledge of installing on server
l.      knowledge tree
m.   Google app
n.     story mapping page
o.     training info
p.     Google ware
Taylor Chin,
Dec 11, 2009, 9:26 PM