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How to Sell Your Student Media Experience

How to Sell Your Student Media Experience – Neslie Tumulac
1.     How to make you good candidate for a job with student media experience
a.     It’s true that employers value internship but student media is also valuable - but you may have to sell experience harder
b.     Compare time:
                                               i.     Intern 6 week vs. student media X hours for Y years
c.     Student experience value - have to be pointed out
                                               i.     Make/show specifics
1.     E.g. manage budget of $XX,XXX & hired XX staff
2.     POWER POINT of resume details from students who got jobs after graduation
a.     Management - important to show you have experience working with people. improving relationships - worth mentioning, other students don't do. sell as part as skill set.
                                               i.     managed a staff of ##
                                             ii.     improved relationship with the journalism department to enhance recruiting
                                            iii.     encouraged risk-taking and daring approaches to both serious and entertaining reports
                                            iv.     developed and led workshops to improve staff skills
                                             v.     member of papers editorial board
                                            vi.     developed high-level leadership skills
b.     Responsibility
                                               i.     appointed by a board of student and professionals to lead the publication/station after working three years on staff
                                             ii.     worked my way up from copy editor to chief copy editor (note progressions)
                                            iii.     interviewed and hired staff
                                            iv.     led/participated in regular budget meetings
c.     Skill development - can't assume that employers know what you do.
                                               i.     developed critical thinking skills
                                             ii.     comfortable writing compelling copy on tight deadline
                                            iii.     credentialed for football games
                                            iv.     honed time-management skills
                                             v.     created illustrations on a tight budget
                                            vi.     learned how to work with changing technology (more adaptable, appeals to older people) - show you can be comfortable with change and transition in technology - specific software, equipment, multimedia experience : audio, video, graphics. The bigger picture you can make, the more valuable you are
                                          vii.     honed collaboration skills
                                         viii.     improved organization, time management, deadline and collaboration skills
                                            ix.     gained experience that prepared you for advanced placement in your career choices
d.     Innovation
                                               i.     encouraged risk-taking and daring approaches to both serious and entertaining reports
                                             ii.     established a weekly editor's column that sparked campus discussion
                                            iii.     after an internship, created new workflow to improve quality, accuracy and efficiency
e.     Budget management
                                               i.     gained experience working within budgets
                                             ii.     managed budget of $XX,XXX
                                            iii.     Managed payroll of $XX,XXX per week/month/semester/year
                                            iv.     maintained equipment therefore saving money
                                             v.     dealt with budget challenges/cuts
f.      Honors and awards
                                               i.     Awards you won
                                             ii.     awards won by staff members you supervised
                                            iii.     awards won by the publication/station while you were on staff
3.     Tips and suggestions
a.     UW daily - started program called Daily 101 - 10-week program. hires 8-10 people per quarter, like internship. hires about 6-8 from program. 90% of staff from program.
b.     Write goals for paper and try to meet them. Good for #s, resume
c.     Awards and honors - contest, etc
d.     Should have 5 reasons of why people should hire you - 45 seconds
e.     "You do more than you probably suspect you do."
f.      outstanding employee awards
g.     conventional wisdom for resume: if you've done a lot, good info.
                                               i.     sometimes takes more than a bullet point to explain something
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