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Freelancing Tips

Freelancing tips – Neslie Tumulac
1.     Writer's market (book)
2.     Feature writing
3.     very confusing time with jobs and with change in media but people readjust
4.     radio and TV affected, news, and magazines
5.     Types of magazines:
a.     general interest / specialized
b.     consumer magazines: Cosmo, etc
c.     trade magazines - smaller and hands on
6.     Des Moines - good place with magazines coming out
7.     Process
a.     ask for writers guideline and magazines
b.     write to them - they only want to see how you write
c.     include two envelopes - self-addressed and stamped
d.     query letter - sales letter
e.     are you interested?
f.      need title for story. magazine word count 1000-3000 average 2000
g.     photo availability
8.     Tips:
a.     need to come up with ideas constantly
9.     ideas and sources:
a.     slant three ways aim at specific categories
                                               i.     1 category magazine 1 magazine 2 magazine 3
                                             ii.     2 category magazine 1 magazine 2 magazine 3
                                            iii.     3 category magazine 1 magazine 2 magazine 3
b.     go to writer's market
c.     e.g. topic romance novels 1. novel editor 2. psychology 3. how men can learn
d.     every 10 you get back 1
e.     multiple market increase for every 4 queries, one answer
f.      pick primary market
                                               i.     secondary
                                             ii.     tertiary
10.  shot gunning
11.  syndicating self
12.  go to editor and publisher
a.     ask if they take freelance stuff
b.     might be easier to sell b/c of staff cuts
c.     send with cover letter
Taylor Chin,
Dec 11, 2009, 9:23 PM