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Design and Style

Biochemistry Review – Exam III

Linda Park

Austin Convention Notes


Design and Style

(“Design & Photography” and “Bending Design Rules”)



·        Type is one of the most important elements in design

·        Designer’s #1 visual concern is typeface

·        Communicates the style and brand of the Quaker Campus

·        This is a serif font.  This is a sans-serif font.

·        Use image in creative ways as type (Ex. Spelling words with food, yarn, etc.)

·        Buy full font packages that include all weights: regular, italics, bold, black, etc.

·        Shape text into interesting shapes, images

·        Let the type speak



·        Photography as the main design element

·        Reduce the # of photos à Establish a dominant photo; visual hierarchy

·        Design cannot block photo elements

·        If a particular photo is exceptional, then use it big

=> Bleed photos

·        Use color to salvage bad photos => Monochromatic tones

·        Use as many original images as possible—avoid stock photos

·        Let the photo speak


Other Elements:

·        Establish style (brand) and be consistent with ità Professional

·        Color as a visual punctuation

·        White space, negative space

·   With good use =>  professional quality



·        Good design is timeless

·        Reach out to the art department and other creative students in order to find artists who can contribute to the newspaper

·        Post clippings from newspapers and other print as inspiration



Taylor Chin,
Dec 11, 2009, 4:10 PM