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Critique Notes

Critique notes – Neslie Tumulac
1.     Photo spreads - go for large dominant photo eye can latch to and stop.
2.     Photo cutline. first sentence: as if person is at the photo. need high stock image for print
3.     news writing --> color
4.     use as much original stuff possible
5.     uncheck resample - resolution 180
6.     inject some peer humor
7.     A&E quick reads and snippets. entertainment daily pages
8.     photo owner
9.     three types of sports readers
a.     stats geeks - quick look at box score of big paper
b.     sports freak - wants to know everything, all sports mentioned
c.     interesting casual reader - features
10.  established place for sports - away game feature box
11.  no jumps at the top of the page
12.  look at the overall pages. step back
13.  eye tracker
14.  use photo to bring reader into story
15.  people look at photo first, headline then story
Taylor Chin,
Dec 11, 2009, 9:12 PM