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Creating Creative Headlines

Creating Creative Headlines – Neslie Tumulac

1.     Headlines:

a.     Features headlines are more fun

b.     Play on words is not bad if puns play on words in creative way

                                               i.     Gives second meaning to story

                                             ii.     E.g. 'idol' curiosities - for American idol story

c.     If you have to explain headline, maybe it's not good

d.     Types over graphics = ugly

e.     Headline under photo. Don’t separate from story.


        2.     Must have - Newspaper Designer's Handbook (available in QC office)


        3.     Headline style: Hammerhead headline aka tripod


a.     Big headline with two lines


        4.     Different type fonts: whatever works

a.     Alternative fonts - words of opposition


        .     Headline examples:

a.     "Rotation keeps on spinning" - baseball rotation headline

b.     "Too big for her tutu?" - fat ballerina not allowed to perform

c.     "Americans grow shiftless" - more Americans purchasing automatic cars

d.     "TV tubers" - about coach potatoes

e.     "Memphis gives bulls the blues" - reference to Memphis blues music

f.      "A cut above?" - about artificial pumpkins

g.     Artwork with headline and designer

h.     Play on words - reigns/rains

i.      "Will smoke ban leave patrons in a huff for a puff?" – restaurant smoke ban

j.      "A Wii bit of therapeutic fun" – Wii game at seniors community

k.     "Is your brain on the wane? Think again."

Taylor Chin,
Dec 11, 2009, 9:09 PM