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Alumni Network Website

Alumni network website – Neslie Tumulac

1.      The Daily


b.      created by marketing department

c.       has info form for alum to submit

d.      e-newsletter to alumni

e.       correct email

f.        "more directly they can be involved"

2.      possibilities: receive funding for conference

3.      writing & the wall – quote wall written in office

a.       a lot of people shared same experience

4.      called it "daily family network"

5.      found people on facebook

6.      sent e-newsletter

7.      activities:

a.       fundraiser - powerful ay to ask for $ is to show where it's invested. e.g. film at conference. make it student produced

b.      tailgate party with staff

                                                              i.      gets everyone together

                                                            ii.      build relation beyond the newsroom

                                                          iii.      daily alums talk to staff

                                                          iv.      come talk to students


8.      U of Arizona Daily

a.       Website: sidebar of people who just joined site or updated information

b.      daily wildcat bookstore for people who wrote books. alumni store


9.      illinimedia alum site

a.       able to renovate building with fundraising

b.      Wikipedia page

                                                              i.      daily orange

                                                            ii.      maintain it


10.  e-newsletter a really powerful tool for alumni

a.       well written profiles - first female editor in chief

b.      controversy to show newsroom perspective

c.       tag people for $ donations

11.  don't be afraid of alumni association

a.       "we want to know who you are." database

b.      newsletter 6-mo backlog

c.       program used: convio

d.      constant contact

12.  alumni board (15) and professor brainstorm for alumni board

13.  benefits of alumni network:

a.       fundraising

b.      networking

c.       training and mentoring

14.  process to collect info from current student so they're alumni

a.       collect at breakfast before graduation

b.      chili batch every year tradition

15.  staff photos at end of year

16.  EIC photo line

17.  staff photos

18.   start tradition if you don't have one

19.  UW want to make a video yearbook

20.  w/o unifying experiences people don't come back



Taylor Chin,
Dec 11, 2009, 4:28 PM