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Things to look at doing
    -       Have people that go out of office and sell
        o      Must go out and sell
        o      See a lot of people, offer to all
        o      Must be able to walk up to the manager and go face-to-
                face and sell the newspaper
        o      Territories? 5-10 potential clients a day?
            §       On-campus or offcampus territories
            §       Make sure they know of new openings
    -       Stay in contact with past advertisers
    -       Getting new accounts is important
        o      Stars bring in new accounts
        o      Good workers keep the old advertisers content and     
    -       When there isn’t enough new business, look for new clients     
farther away from the base
    -       Newspaper = greatest niche project ever
        o      Very stable group/base
        o      Consistent type of readers
    -       Commission structure rewards the team or individual
        o      Splits new business margin at the end of the month
    -       Success rate is 1/8 for Chapel Hill
    -       Pay people from stuff that’s coming in.
    -       Pay 7% from revenue
    -       Can make a couple thousand a school year
    -       Recruiting sales reps
        o      Difficult until they get paid
        o       Being able to pay commission = VITAL for maintaining revenue streams
    -       Must create a commission structure
        o      How much can they realistically make
        o      How much time should they be dedicating to this
        o      How much will it take to recruit people
    -       Figure out how much pct they should make by comparing to other staff
    -       Oncampus vs offcampus residue
        o      25pct on, 75 pct off
        o      First thing that gets cut from budget is newspaper advertising
        o      Find merchants and regular retailers who are looking for new, cheaper ways to advertise
    -       You need to distribute offcampus, in marketplace
        o      Need to do it infront of vendors
        o      Potential clients need to see papers being distributed
    -       Not practical to distribute dorms
        o      2 under each door in every dorm
    -       Outdoor, metal rack
    -       How good is the paper?
        o      Affects advertising
        o      Front page is most important in pulling people in and having advertisers see that someone picks it up
        o      Dwindling pickup numbers, make front page interesting
        o      Must make someone put down breakfast and stuff, and pick up
    -       Be able to walk down a common path, and be able to reach it within armlength
    -       Recruitment & training are important
        o      That is what you do
        o      Cannot go in with a negative attitude
        o      Must be consistent and repetitive every year.
            §       Everyone needs training
            §       Experienced must attend
        o      Keep the same ad reps
        o      Train the same way, so people don’t miss advertisers
        o      Hard to find people who can sell
            §       Always keep an eye out when outside of the newsroom
            §       Recruit from business school
        o      Business reps love to see sales experience
            §       Toughest part of the job, therefore valuable skill
            §       Johnson-Johnson, etc
        o      Document a training program for advertising
            §       Use local colleges to see what other training packages are
    -       Know and be close to every advertising client
        o      Know what they ran
        o      Know when they want to be called(restaurants not between 11-2)
        o      Keep cards and notebooks for regions
        o      Update daily, describe to each new rep
    -       Contact the people who taught advertising classes
        o      Have someone sit in
    -       Readership surveys

Rate Cards
    -       Don’t just give rate card, and wait
        o      Contac them to advertise
    -       Info needs to be accessible online
    -       Lay out policies
    -       Place PDF on the website
    -       Do whatever client is comfortable with(column inches or ¼, ½, etc page size)
    -       State circulation and how widespread it is(# of distribution locations).
        o      How far from their store will someone see it?
    -       Describe the target demographic
        o      18-24
        o      Print is still cool, everyone picks it up
        o      Also targets school employees
        o      Talk about readership surveys
        o      We are a great alternative because local papers are struggling with circulation

Ad manager
    -       Ad reps who are underneath the manager
    -       Make 6-12 pct commission, 20pct online

Key to Advertising
-       Do whatever makes the advertiser happy!
o      Speak whatever language is necessary
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Dec 11, 2009, 9:51 PM