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25 Steps to Getting People to Pick up the Paper

25 Steps to Getting People to Pick up the Paper
1.     Occasionally use very thin columns
    a.     Bold and Italics used for legibility
    b.     Short words
2.     Section Headlines
    a.     Work with ascenders and descenders
3.     Design to help readability
    a.     Infographics, standings, gradients
4.     Use Design Assets to Add
    a.     Ex. Orion’s World News Map
5.     Include small, medium and long length articles
6.     Serif fonts are not good on black backgrounds
    a.     Use a larger font against black
7.     Don’t be afraid of a Full Caps Headline(every now and then)
8.     Odd and interesting angles
9.     Use the lines(already in photos) to direct the eyes
10.  Use illustrators
    a.     Build pages around their talent
11.  Use illustrations if no photos
12.  There are several options for graphics
    a.     Photos, photo illustration, illustration, cartoon
13.  If it makes more sense as a graphic than a story, do it
14.  Use a Series of headshots, with same sized heads
    a.     Get people involved with the paper
15.  Add graphics to support small pieces
    a.     Orion Crime log
16.  Use a “same format” calendar at the same spot in each section
17.  Use charts
18.  Make something visual (Infographics)
19.  Something the reader can walk away with
    a.     Clip Out Valentines
20.  Solid Color Palette can be bad
    a.     Don’t just do things because you can
21.  Visual elements (graphs) can tell a better story than text
22.  Create depth on the page
    a.     Forefront and backgroup
    b.     Look into the page, not across
23.  Don’t overlay text over breaking news
    a.     Doable on less important news/features
24.  Photos deserve as much attention as the story
25.  Promos must look different every issue, or else they won’t be looked at
Taylor Chin,
Dec 11, 2009, 9:33 PM