The American Academy of Family Physicians believes that everyone should have a personal medical home that serves as the focal point through which all individuals-regardless of age, sex, race, or socioeconomic status-receive acute, chronic, and preventive medical services. Through an on-going relationship with a family physician in their medical home, patients can be assured of care that is not only accessible but also accountable, comprehensive, integrated, patient-centered, safe, scientifically valid, and satisfying to both patients and their physicians. (2006)

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Please see below for how our practice has been performing in terms of indicators of both Patient Satisfaction and Quality Improvement as part pf the Patient Centered Medical Home initiatve.

 Patient Satisfaction Survey Results for Dina Louie, RPA-C

 Patient Satisfaction Survey Results for Kevin A. Charlotten, MD

 Patient Satisfaction Survey Results Clinic-Wide

 Quality Improvement Report Cards

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