QBsoft Solutions sells and customizes healthcare integration software for hospitals, care homes and retirement communities.  EZcall Enterprise is QBsoft's flagship product - EZcall is the most versatile, user-friendly and cost effective integration solutions available today.  You can view sales document and data sheets on EZcall and other QBsoft applications on this micro-site.

iServer is a powerful wireless duress system that uses the self-healing Inovonics EchoStream wireless mesh hardware.  iServer adds the capability of using location triangulation to an EchoStream system to allow any wireless transmitter to be located no matter where it is activated in the wireless mesh network.

EZcall dementia monitoring offers a powerful monitoring system overlay on virtually any nurse call hardware platform.  EZcall dementia monitoring is ideal for care facilities who cater to residents with dementia and related illnesses.  Dementia monitoring is more effective and allows staff to be more efficient as well as helps provide a more "home-like" environment for residents to live their remaining years in a more dignified manner.

EZcall web server interface is the latest addition to the EZcall portfolio.  Many other systems require that you install and maintain software on various networked PC's in your network for alarm management, history reporting, alarm display and monitoring.  With EZcall's web server interface, you get all of he power to monitor, reports, control and view system alarms all from any web browser that you are already using.  The EZcall web interface also makes system administration easier and less expensive since you will only need to support the server and you no longer need to continue to administer alarm display, reporting and assignment applications installed throughout your network.

ezText is a free client/server/browser based software solution that is offered by QBsoft Solutions for intranet chatting and text messaging.  ezText includes a web server interface built-into the free ezText server.  ezText also includes a 'text messenger' client and a staff in/out client program for monitoring and displaying staff in/out status.  When used on it's own, ezText Host server, web interface, LoginOut and text messenger are completly free of charge and there are no support or licensing fee's.  If you choose to integrate an ezText server with a QBsoft EZcall Enterprise server, there will be a minor interface fee.  Integrating ezText and EZcall allow any communications device in your facility to be messaged from virtually any ezText client or workstation.