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This is a text reader for PSP game consoles running custom firmwares. This text reader is implemented as a kernel-space module that gets loaded along side your game. Holding the L, R. Down and Cross keys for a few seconds will pause the game and bring up the text reader interface. You can read any ASCII text file on the PSP memory stick.

I wrote this for myself while playing GTA: Vice City Stories. I thought it would be useful to read an FAQ file while playing. It worked out great for that purpose. Just recently I polished everything up, added a few missing features (like a help screen and changing the open document) for release. The first release was a flaming bucket-o-fail, with compatiblity rates around 5%. Now I've improved upon this, and have a very stable and compatible product.


Program:    PSPEText
Version:    1.1
License:    GNU GLP Version 3
Copyright:  Copyright (c) 2009 Norman B. Lancaster (QBRADQ)

PSPEText is a kernel-mode plugin that allows you to suspend any PSP game at
any time and read text files stored on the memory stick. This is useful for
reading FAQs from sites like while playing your favorite PSP

This text reader features an 80-column display, which is a must-have for
reading FAQ files.

PSPEText is Free and Open Source Software released under the GNU GPL version
3. Please see license.txt for the full license text.

Copy the file pspetext.prx to your PSP's /seplugins directory. Now add a line
to your game.txt, game150.txt, pops.txt etc. file to enable the plugin for
those game types. The line should look like this:

ms0:/seplugins/pspetext.prx 1

See the included game.txt for an example.

PSPEText should work with all games in all graphics modes. It has been tested
on a PSP Slim running the 5.50 GEN-A firmware with a wide variety of games.
At this time no games are known to fail to load with this module loaded. In a
very few games the text reader does not actually work, but in those cases the
game still works fine with the module loaded.

Once your game has loaded, press and hold the left trigger, right trigger,
down arrow and cross keys for two seconds. A brief splash screen will display,
followed by the file load menu. Press the Select button to see usage.

Note that in some games the splash screen is more of a quick flicker.
This is normal.

Controller mapping:
********************* Common Controls *********************
[DPAD Up]    Move one line up
[DPAD Down]  Move one line down
[DPAD Left]  Move one page up
[DPAD Right] Move one page down
[Select]     Display this help file
[Start]      Exit
******************* File View Controls ********************
[Triangle]   Open a new file
****************** File Select Controls *******************
[Triangle]   Got to parent directory
[Cross]      Select file or directory

Norman Lancaster,
Nov 19, 2009, 8:35 PM