Hello! This is a personal home page I've made to put up my random coding projects. With Google Code's limit on the number of projects you can have open, and with the large number of small toy projects I cook up, I figured this would be a better way to put them up.

I am an IT professional working in the Northwest Arkansas area. I am a family man, and outside of my family coding is my only real passion.

I work on stale business technology all day, so when I get home I like to put together little game projects. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to finish a lot of personal project or participate in the open source community all that much. My work is demanding, so when I get home I don't like deliverables, release dates and the like. It's therapeutic to be able to work on a project knowing that no one is counting on you, nothing is at stake, and not only is there no release date, but it doesn't matter if it ever gets done.

I guess coding is my Kung-Fu and my Zen :D

Other Stuff
  • I am very experienced with C, C++, JavaScript, and shell (ksh88 and BASH).
    • Like every other coder I know about five dozen languages.
    • Most of my professional coding is in C89 and ksh88.
    • My favorite language is JavaScript, because prototype-based OO languages rock!
  • I have been fascinated with Open Web technologies for several years now.
  • I am a huge Google fan boy.
  • I love Linux for development and on the desktop.
    • My work is in Windows and UNIX.
  • If I absolutely have to I code in vi. Otherwise I use Notepad++ (or MSVS for .NET, it's just SO GOOD).
  • It's been so long since I've been able to use a GUI debugger for C I honestly have forgotten which one I liked the most. On the rare occasion that I code in C at home I just use gdb like a good code monkey.